PSA: Muting your mic volume in game somehow kills your mic on the whole PC (even with the game shutdown).

I know I’m a bit late but the survey reminded me of this bug I experienced. I spent 1,5 hours trying to fix my “broken” microphone during the beta.

When my friend and I launched the game we could hear each other on Discord and in-game, so I hoped into settings and muted my mic, he muted the in-game voice chat. He could hear me perfectly fine but 20 minutes into exploring Bolivia my mic stopped working. I was super confused since I just recently purchased this microphone and there is no way in hell it had already broken.

Fast forward an hour later, 20 reboots and testings of the microphone. It suddenly comes to my mind I muted the microphone in-game. I unmute the fucker in GRW and it works perfectly fine. The big problem here is that the issue somehow persisted even after exiting GRW. If anybody has contacts with Ubisoft or the developer of GRW please contact him/her so they can fix this issue when the game launches.

TLDR: Muting the microphone in GRW settings somehow mutes it for your whole PC.

Edit: It didn’t come to my mind that the game had “broken” my microphone because it stopped working 20 minutes after muting it and when closing GRW to restart my PC and mess with settings it would still not work.

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