PSA: Kensei buff is actually a stealth nerf, Ubisoft addresses wrong issues (again)

TL:DR – Superior block was halfed for being "too safe," while they willingly give Lawbro 50/50 off of shove.

We all know good guy Kensei, he helped (random person's) Grandmother carry groceries to her car. He also donates blood and helps homeless people get jobs, but that isn't what we are discussing today.

Today I want to address the terrible thinking process the Devs go through when deciding what does and doesn't need fixing. Mainly, the new (at least for console) buffs to Lawbro and Kensei.

The main idea with Kensei is his mixup game, and how well he can pull that off. He has no safe moves. (Aside from unlock tech but that is hard to pull off for very little gain.) None. His dash side lights give the oppenant a free GB off of a block. His heavies are telegraphed and slow. No attack of his is guarunteed.

And the buff is suppose to fix that right? I personally don't think it does. His chain finisher mixup game is easy to parry and block, so just because it happens one move sooner doesn't make Kensei top tier. (Thank god.)

That's where the issue comes in. His superior block (which tons of people probably don't even know exists) is now made near useless. The timing is halfed, from the entire dash duration, to just the start. (From 1000ms to 500ms.)

Why is this a big deal? Well Ubis reason for doing this was because this was "too safe." That's right folks, Kensei was too safe. One of his hardest moves to pull off was made harder for no reason at all. And after 200+ hours in this game and countless streams watched, I've only been able to do it… (drumroll please~) Like 10 times.

I'm no pro or anything, but no pro Kensei can pull it off reliably. Why? Because the move requires so much for so little gain. (Like all of Kensei's moves.) Your opponent needs to attack you, and you need to block and dash toward them while they do it. How many times will a half decent player willing attack the side you are blocking? And the real kicker here has to be how punishable it already is. All the person has to do it not attack and all of a sudden Kensei is up for a GB. Boom. Don't attack and the Kensei loses. (Turtle meta.)

Why did mention Lawbringer earlier? Like I said, they willingly gave him a 50/50 off of shove, but had to nerf Kensei's superior block because it was "safe."

(end rant)

Edit: I'm slightly salty about this, so I'm sorry if I was too blunt or one sided. I actually enjoy Lawbringer now, and after playing him, I don't feel all that powerful like people made him sound/like I thought he would be. (In short, Lawbro is actually in a good spot, sorry if it sounded like I was ranting about him too much.)

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  1. That’s so fucking stupid. So you gave up kensei, and picked up lawbringer, because one got a bit weaker and the other considerably better. What a fucking noob.

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