TL;DR at bottom. First off I apologise to people who are unable to forward ports. I tried making a post yesterday to remind people about opening ports but It barely got any traffic so I decided to try with a better title (It may seen like a trash title but it will probably work which is a little upsetting)

Everyday I see posts complaining about disconnections during games. 99% of the time the people who post regarding the matter does not include information such as NAT type and if they forwarded the ports necessary to experience a smooth connection experience. (PLEASE INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION)

When the game released I had Open (green) NAT even though I didn't open the necessary ports plus I didn't have DMZ enabled. I was still having error disconnection issues. When the outage happened like 2-3 weeks ago my NAT turned to Moderate (yellow) when the servers came back up. Still experienced error disconnection issues which led me to believe that my NAT type may have been reported wrong before the outage.

So 5 days ago I opened the necessary ports in my router settings and I have not experienced a single disconnection since + my NAT type went back to Open.

Guides can be found here + the Ports needed to be forwarded. NOTE: for PC users it seems some of the ports have changed. See this post. I have not tried these yet as the previous ports worked fine for me.

Again, this may not help everyone but is definitely something to try.

SECURITY: if the computer you use have any important data, be careful to turn them manually on and off when running and quitting For Honor, as they can be used as a Security breach. Thankfully for me I can do this in just 1 box as I set up a forhonor section which include the ports, I'm not sure if all routers have this ability. Also be sure to have a firewall/antivirus working, if it blocks the connection try to add Uplay/ForHonor to the exception list.

Not much of a problem on Console if it's your only connected device (which I doubt), so do this if you fear for your PS4/Xbox accounts data, those are probably heavily encrypted so it may be safe. (

TL;DR: Experience disconnections during matches? try opening ports. Even if you have Open NAT type. I recommend reading my post though as it explains my experiences with disconnections. I had no idea how to forward ports and reading through the guides I got it sorted within 10 minutes.

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