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Hey guys, I <
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Please forgive the spell-check red error lines, these are quick screenshots from Word and won't be in the final product.

Now, I wanted to more clearly state my vision for this "book". Most all the grimoire PDFs out there (or collections in general) use Bungie's sorting method of Guardian, Inventory, Allies, Enemies, Places, & Activities. While all the cards do fall into these neat categories, it makes reading them all very confusing and kind of boring, to be honest. There's a ton of cards that don't feel very necessary, and just give small bits of information not related to any significant lore.

For example, the card for the Hive Boomer cannon says: "This devastating Arc weapon is said to contain a shard of some dead celestial body. Lobbing bolts of rotting starfire, it is both a ruinous tactical weapon and an instrument of siege."

Interesting piece of information, but it doesn't really connect to the overarching story in a meaningful way. My plan is to put the more story/lore related cards into a semi-narrative structure, and put all these misc information cards towards the back of the book, in an "armory" section of sorts.

If you read the three preview pages I've posted, you'll see that I put them in the following order: Ghost Fragment: Darkness; The Darkness; Ghost Fragment: Traveler 3; Ghost Fragment: Darkness 2. This makes for easier reading, in my opinion, as the events naturally follow each other. In Ghost Fragment: Darkness, Rasputin first sees signs of something at the edge of the solar system, and begins to take preventative measures. Then The Darkness describes its coming, then Ghost Fragment: The Traveler 3 describes The Darkness's assault from The Traveler's point of view.

Putting all the cards in chronological order is impossible. We simply don't know enough about the timeline, and a lot is left unexplained. However, a little rearranging can make a bunch of seemingly unconnected cards make a lot more sense.

So here are my questions for you guys:

  1. Is the formatting on the cards ok? I'm using 18 pt Arial for the card titles, and 12 pt Arial for the body. Card pics are 2" x 1.5", which I thought was a good size. Should the text be bigger or smaller? Cards a good relative size? (Don't simply go by the text size in the pics. Imagine each pic is a full-size 8.5" x 11" piece of paper.)

  2. What is your opinion on rearranging the cards to make them read better? Is this something you are in favor of, and if not, why not?

  3. What is your opinion on adding a small bit of text after certain cards to help the reader explain what is going on? I'm currently leaning against this, as it would only be me doing it, and I know that many cards have multiple meanings (not trying to start a "Rasputin shot the traveler" discussion here). If I did add any "explanations" it would not have any opinions of mine, and would simply be along the lines of, "This might mean X, but could also be Y. This card relates to Card Z on page ABC."

Anyway, let me know your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I want to get feedback now before I get too far into it that changing my approach would be too much work.

Thanks, Guardians. Hope you approve and enjoy.

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