Pre-Patch Review

  • Snaking still exists (Tested today ~4 hours ago) This has existed for the entirety of last wipe.

  • Lead Pipe is still useless. 500 Bulk, no crafting recipes.

  • Toggle UI is still broken.

  • Landmines cannot be placed inside PV ANYWHERE. Given a quarantine zone warning when trying to place.

  • Specific movements still allow you access to invincible-from-the-outside rooms.

  • Specific actions into jumping still allows you access to invincible-from-the-outside rooms.

  • Wooden Barricades still cannot be placed in POIs.

  • Crafting shotgun shells is still ridiculously expensive. 1 Shell = 2 plastic shards + 4 refined gunpowder + extras. 1 plastic shard = 3 empty bottles. Just for ONE Shell, it's SIX bottles and FOUR bullets.

  • Waist Packs are still only obtainable from Air Drops (The Caveman)

  • Hammers still lose no durability when repairing Ground Tampers

  • Punji Sticks/Rows now are solid objects and cannot be walked over the same as before.

  • While in certain buildings, the rain effect isn't dampened.

There's probably a lot more but I couldn't be bothered spending more time when what I've already been reporting for 3+ wipes now hasn't been fixed. In terms of the Lead Pipe changes two wipes ago, that was changed but what was given to us was absolute garbage. A few lead alloy, seriously? I won't even mention the new crate, everyone has already had an opinion on it already. I'm calling it now that a LOT of players will be infuriated this wipe as there will be no visual aids on the patch notes to show how exactly the new gate system works. Players who haven't put any hours into test will build bases like they used to and waste a LOT of material.

With all of that being said, there's light at the end of the tunnel! Prototype weapons are on their way out. Good riddance.

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