Pre-order bonus(es) and differences of available versions?

Hi all,

I'm hyped and thinking about to pre-order but I'm a bit confused in regards to actual pre-order bonuses and what the difference is that the deluxe version does give you some digital content (+some other stuff I'm not really interested in) but I can't find any info on their homepage what that content is supposed to be.

The gold version does give you the season pass, but does not include the digital version but basically is the standard version + digital content + season pass.

That being said, has there been any info about what DLCs might actually be? Will it be "just more regions" or maybe stuff like pvp or maybe some kind of survival Mode (was getting heavy dayz feeling when playing the beta).

As for preorder bonus (es)….will it just be one mission? Or anything else?

As a side note, I would be happy not to get yellow at for planning to pre-order and/ or planning to get the season pass, neither does anyone have to convince on how bad the game is. I'm having fun. That's all that matters.

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