Potential DLC Speculation (Spoilers)

Although no DLC has yet been announced for this game it seems fairly inevitable given the games critical and commercial success. While the obvious choice for DLC would continue the main story (continuing the threads established in the after-credits scene) that feels more like the domain of a true sequel.

However, Rost’s backstory would make an excellent . The easily missable backstory for Rost tells an incredible backstory that everyone who has beaten the game should check out if you did not catch it in your first play through. Rost’s daughter and wife were kidnapped in a raid on the valley.

Rost’s story is as follows. He pursued them to the edge of the sacred lands, only to watch as his daughter was murdered. Unwilling to breach tribal law, he could not leave the confines of the valley under ordinary circumstances. In an act of desperation, Rost becomes a Death-Seeker, an individual who forfeits their soul in order to receive permission to leave the valley and seek revenge. By the time that Rost leaves the valley the 12 individuals who killed his family have already spread out across the map. Most proceeded to hunt down each of these 12 murderers.

This could easily work as a DLC because the 12 large structure could easily be a 12 mission system. Much like the hunt down 3 bandit’s side quest in the core game, each killer could have a unique quest with a different flavor and challenge associated with it. Furthermore, because Rost’s quest took place many years before Aloy left the valley the creatures and towns might be populated differently. Hephaestus’s creation of more dangerous machines appears to be a more recent development, but some different creatures might be roaming around. How does this sound as a single-player DLC to you?

Are there any other stories that you would like to see as DLC for this game?

TL;DR Rost’s journey as a Death-Seeker seeking revenge across the map against the 12 individuals responsible for the death of his family would flesh out the incredible story already told in this game.

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