Positivity, Ranked, and Constructiveness.

So I recently was in a ranked game, and the experience was one I want to share.

TL;DR: Pro was very nice and helped me play in a very outmatched game, and as a result we came back.

I am currently Plat 2, and was matched against both teams of grandmasters, and with a SPL player on our team, Vetium. I apologize in the lobby in advance, and people immediately start criticizing me for practically everything I was doing. My build, my positioning, my farming, my skills I was hitting and such. By about 15 minutes I was fed up with it.

The Fafnir we were against was rather toxic. He especially said "lolk" after practically every time I fucked up.

It's also worth mentioning that we were 10,000 gold behind, due to me and Thor feeding the Scylla (who was an incredible player; she hit every ult the game)

About this time, Vetium half way through the game was fed up with it as well. He said to the Fafnir, "Shut the fuck up. You aren't doing anything either."

From there, he started giving me all sorts of advice. For instance, I was burning the FG while the team was trying to chase near it. He called this out, saying that I should commit more to fights. He said I rarely hit abilities the game as well unless it was far away, hence I should group. He fed me all sorts of knowledge about playing Mid that I had no idea on prior to.

I just felt inspired to play after that point. I started trying, and I was really happy with myself the entire game.

We won 16-42 and 14,000 gold up, despite me going 3-14-8.

The reason for this post is to say that being constructive, and being a nice person can really help in this game. A lot of people complain about the community, but people are willing to fight against being a cunt in Smite. It pretty much made my day.

If Vetium is reading this, I can't thank you enough, dude. Thanks. 😀

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