[POLL] Official server wipe: only once raiding exploits, npc land claim and structure decay are fixed

Touchy subject i know and i hate bringing it up but at the same time i love this game and want to see it succede. Obviously polls on reddit cannot 100% show the opinion of a community but i do belive it is at least a good peek into our communities feelings. Ive seen lots of threads about asking for a wipe so thought id make a poll. As the game stands now, once those three problems are fixed i think well be in a pretty good spot going forward (theyve stated these should hopfully be fixed by the end of the week)

Here is the poll


1st off wiping sucks and is why most people play officials because they dont want wipes and the 1x makes them feel like progression is more meaningful. That in mind i can completly understand a dont wipe anything vote. I can also see the other side of the arguement: foundation spam, npc camps being blocked and widespread raiding exploits have caused countless people to abandon official servers and made for a pretty toxic environment in general. persoanlly my tribe hasnt been raided but i feel so terrible for those that have. When running around a server and seeing 90% of all bases being gutted because of exploits thats pretty demoralizing.

Personally i will contiue to play no matter what happens but again my concern here is for the community.

PS: though i didnt include it in the poll, another option would be for them to full wipe the first official servers they had up instead of trying to save the database and use those as fresh start official servers once these big issues are fixed. (funcom… guys… No one wants those first official servers databases saved what are yall doing / thinking..)

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