Please make baseraiding challenging

Sure, lots of ppl enjoy baseraiding (because after a while there's not much else to do) but at least stop making it so damn easy!

Most ppl are not able to be online 24/7 or only play solo or in a small group, so it takes a while for them to build a base and get some stuff only to see it vanish after they log off?

While baseraiding is an important part of the game, it shouldn't be so damn easy to do.

When the new update gets released we won't be able to place gates through shelters anymore. This will only enforce us to build even bigger FPS killing bases to try and make it a bit harder for them to raid the base.
I assume we won't be able to make airlocks as well… Why make this change if you plan on renewing the whole base building system anyway?

I agree that floating stuff shouldn't be allowed but a few things could make it more fair for the defenders, especially when they are offline:
– lower the fert spawns. In no time large groups have enough boom to start raiding everyone on the server, It took 1 day after the last wipe
– increase the strenght of structures (!) this would be a fast and easy temp fix
– an offline shield could lower the offline raids (increased structure strenght 30 min after the last person with deck permissions has logged off)
I don't mind fighting and even losing while defending my base vs a large group but at least I had a chance!

I know I'll get a lot of hate for this but you have it see it from both sides. Killing and raiding everyone will just clean out servers and ppl will either swap or wait for the next wipe.

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