Please help: how to be a superior ADC, not just a good one

Hi guys,

I recently got into Plat I for Conquest, the first time I've ever been ranked in Conquest (I never got qualified in S3). This has made me determined to make it to diamond and as far as I can possibly go. I NEED to be excellent; it's just how I think about Smite.

But I've come across issues I never encountered in my climb or in any casuals, and problems I had in lower games make themselves evidently clear in higher ones.

I have no fucking idea how to box someone who outclears me. For example, I was ass at fighting Rama as Apollo when my 1 couldn't clear as perfectly as his lots of the time. I fell behind in Jungle camp XP and kills as he took control of that side of the jungle. I let him snowball. It was BAD. I genuinely believe I was the reason my team couldn't win.

Another case was when Medusa was outclearing me as Izanami. You'd think the latter wouldn't have problems, but I couldn't clear safely with my 2 and autos when Medusa had her 1 to shoot me with when I was clearing (and she could use her 2 to clear easy). She ended up freezing lane when I turtled, and I had no idea how to approach this and turn it around. None of my opponents had ever done that to me before.

If anyone has tips and knows how to box better — whether it's I should know more about matchups and how to counter disadvantages in them — or if it's something huge I'm missing…

I just need advice!

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