Please FunCom solve the npc camps griefing. (entire official servers with nalmost no npc)

In some official servers people are putting foundations in or arounds almost all npc camps.They put 1,2 or 3 foundations around the npc camps accordingly to the dimension of the area.They are targeting all npc camps that have dancers and archers tier 3. (personally I scouted all the map in one server and found only 4 npc camps active and they was only camps with max 4 npc warrriors, fighters and archers lvl1).With this exploit also the boxes are actually unopenable, they're still there, you can interact with them but no inventory pop up, nothing.

This is gamebreaking.All the players that want to go in corrupted areas, can't do it because there is no one dancer to enslave in the entire server; so no exploration and very difficult to level up.It's also total unfair because there is a bounce of players that have at least one dancer (probably the same players that went aroun all the map to deny the npc spawn) and they can do everything while most of the server can't. Let's add then that every single person that join the servers for the first time, not knowing the current situation, waste many hours to find out then that they can do all the tralls part of the game.

We need a solution asap. Let the npc spawn also if there are player buildings or make a narrow radius around the npc camps that give the msg "this land has been already claimed".

As I said imo this dynamic is gamebreaking.

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