Please add Extreme matchmaking / host controlled difficulty & HUD.

If we had a separate, Extreme difficulty public matchmaking this game would be much much better. Such a simple thing to do and yet you would be matched with players who understand what it takes to play cautiously. Not all the time my tactical buddies are online so I tend to hop in public matchmaking only because I don't want to deal with horrific AI team mates. And the things I see, I could say I am disappointed in humanity. Last night I tried playing a stealth mission that requires picking up documents without alerting the enemies with 4 random guys and we failed the mission get this – 24 TIMES.

Always the same shit, drones out for these idiots, bumping drones in enemy guards, all had drones pimped out but not a single guy had a distraction grenade skill unlocked, idiots sniping front entrance to the base while we had a perfect entry from the side, idiot trying to ram his way into the base with a truck, guys emptying full clip autofire to take one guy down alerting everyone that's nearby. I would have dropped out sooner, but I really just wanted to stay around to see what levels of stupidity these guys will reach. On 24th try, I had to turn off my PS4 as it was too much for me to deal with.

There HAS to be an Extreme only matchmaking. And if we invite someone to our game, our difficulty & HUD settings must be used for whole team. Don't wait with this for the 5th patch, do it in the next one or I swear I'll track down and harm the next guy who will suck in matchmaking.

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