Playing Tank is getting boring.

Since Nighthold has been out for awhile I thought I would complain about something. I'm sick and tired of Blizzard and their Tank Swap mechanic for Nighthold as well as previous raids. It takes the fun out of tanking for me. Granted I absolutely love mythic+ as a blood DK and it is quite challenging, but Nighthold just isn't much. All of the bosses besides Skyorpiron have a Tank swap debuff of some sort (elisan kinda fits this bill but it's not a big deal if there is no Tank swap). It sucks because so many of the bosses are fun, especially for DPS. Spellblade and Star Augur have awesome mechanics that makes the fight really fun, but I only ever really get to experience it as "once main Tank gets 5 stacks, taunt swap and take 5 stacks". I would say it's redeemed with Gul'Dan but all Gul'Dan is for tanks is (after first phase) taunt swap once someone gets chains on them and then pop CD's to not get nuked by his scythe. I love the Nighthold and Gul'Dan might just be one of the best boss fights ever designed, but as a Tank it just makes me want to go play a DPS or Healing character.

I don't know if anyone else feels this way, I could definitely be in the minority. Raid's just don't seem interactive as tanks anymore.

Edit: I'm not saying tanking isn't fun because I do enjoy it still, but I just wish there was more interactions that tanks could do. The best examples I could come up with were like Heigan with the safety dance. Yogg-Saron (cause god such a great fight), Thorim because it's a clusterfuck, firefight with Mimiron. Personally I liked Spine of Dickwing because it was different. Lord Rhyolith in Firelands with dragging him into volcanos. Galakeas where a group would split off to deal with adds in a different part of the fight. That kind of stuff. Not major changes where tanks will shift the entire fight, but maybe add something extra to bosses were the tanks have to focus on an extra mechanic besides "taunt at x stacks and walk the boss 10 feet left"

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