Players may want to temper expectations on raid news tommorow…

The teaser bungie released got me thinking what if the old raids are not getting a light increase and this isnt meant to be some negative thread but the one thing i couldnt help but notice is that the trailer only went on about the book really.

From what we have seen in the past with these teasers they usually give us quick glimpses and descriptions about the upcoming content and have always done a great job of hyping the community but this one is just info on the book. Do we see VOG…yes however nothing really shows that its a upgraded light vog.

Like i said it does however show book info including one objective involving oryx and the fact that it is indeed a whopping 13 pages. So since the book is so front and center in the trailer and with some of the info we see im starting to suspect the update may not be exactly what we expected.

My theory right now is that it may be keeping all the old content at the old light level and the book itself would be the reward system similar to the iron lord gear with many of its objectives giving us reasons to play the old events.Just think about it:

  • The trailer hypes the book.
  • 13 pages ! there is no way thats all emblems and shaders lol
  • Oryx objective leads me to believe they want a reason to play all old content. This would be a way to do it at a more cost effective manner for a small team without changing actual game elements.
  • The hunter pic a few weeks back wasnt the OG VOG gear. Maybe a new book armor set.
  • There is 0 real evidence to show the VOG light was increased.

Dont get me wrong i want the old raids increased myself and hell i want a overall light increase too honestly because this is the last update and it needs to last me a lil while lol. Just saying we may want to prepare mentally that this seems like it may be a option aswell

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