Petition: Ubisoft Please Fix Revenge Builds

Title says it all.


As more and more folks get to Rep 3 this is becoming more and more of an issue. I'd prefer this be addressed before the game devolves into months of GS 108 folks just cheesing all mechanics. It prevents any variety to builds because the super saiyan every 4-5 seconds is so much stronger than any alternative, and usually takes no time to generate, especially when playing poorly.


Example: last dom I played had an orochi and nobu both with 108 on the other team. I was trying to level my lvl 4 warlord, and no one on our team was over lvl 20. The orochi hits my shield twice at C to start the game, I return with a light heavy combo leaving him at ~60% hp. I see the yellow flash and he counters my gb and 2 shots my mostly healthy teamate turning a 2v2 to a 2v1 and all because he ate a hit?? And the nobushi? She could sit on A and generate a full bar off of face tanking hits and just spammed area special. I watched our Orochi go down in a swing or two while she was targeting me with the brunt of it!

Needless to say my team was poorly coordinating, most of the time because they were new, and breaking my GBs as I tried to blunt the onslaught.


Are there counters?

Run away is one common response. Run away from an orochi or warden with revenge; have you tried that recently? And concede the point to the other team? Worst off healing them to full so five seconds in to the next attempt to cap it happens again!


Don't hit them? Lel Wut?! Leave the people with the build alone to bludgeon you to death at their leisure. Sounds solid! /s


CC them into oblivion? Yes in our premade 4 group of friends I will go LB or Shugoki and pretty much spam backbreaker or pancake toss eternally until it fades. Add a second enemy doing it and then what? O right I get heavy attacked in the back for 2/3 of my hp while I'm in the animation.


Environmental kills! Yes throw them off a ledge. Let me know how that goes against a conqueror or shugoki with revenge! And guess what- they know you will go for the GBs and they can light attack you into oblivion while you try.


The only real solution is to escalate. 4V4 dominion with vengence going up like fireworks as people flail into the sea of idiots until one person forgets to activate theirs. shudder Our warden teammate already started. I refuse on principle throwing everyone I see doing it off cliffs at my earliest chance, but I'm just a lone Lawbringer that can't put them all down!


So Ubisoft, please, you can even delay buffs/changes to my LB- I, being an honorable Knight, will sacrifice my own ability to have a functioning kit for the worlds most versatile weapon!!! If you please make revenge back into the defensive only tool it should be.


EDIT 1: I agree matchmaking allowing people to be put in lopsided GS matches aggravates this issue, and locking in characters prior to queue would help to manage this. However the 'arms race' for these builds at rep 3+ isn't fun, because it removes any diversity.

EDIT 2: I do think Revenge has it's place for ACTUAL 1v2+ situations. I think it's a good mechanic to dissuade uncoordinated gank squads. However, in a 1v2 the solo person SHOULD be at a disadvantage. Revenge should help to blunt the effect, not give an overwhelming advantage to the defender for not even being able to dodge/parry/ or block effectively.

EDIT 3: Again to the folks saying to not 'mindlessly' attack: while I agree I think you are missing a key part of my argument. In most situations the person isn't being 'ganged up on'. Revenge builds allow for the situation I described with the Orochi- I had a teamate fighting theirs and I was fighting the Orochi (in close proximity). My ally never attacked my target and yet my one light/heavy pushed him to a max attack+max revenge attack + unlimited stamina state.

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