Petition: Server wipe upon fixing doublejump/explosive/admin exploits

Lets face it. The current meta of Conan Exiles is to utilize exploits to get to the top. Whether this is by XP farming with infinite bombs, doublejump, or outright admin exploits that resulted in our official server getting hit by 10+ gods in a space of 2 days by a single clan…

While I don't mind since its only been a few weeks since launch, I do want to propose the official servers get wiped to reset the extremely awful exploiting that has become the meta for this game. Furthermore, if we could get a harder stance from Funcom on this issue I would appreciate it rather than just believing BattleEye will solve all the issues.

Side Note: As a member of a clan that has reached the "endgame" I can tell you that gods are horrifically broken and that infinite bombs is less broken than you think. Gods are essentially suitcase nukes that you can use without any fear of retaliation since every clan has its downtime. It doesn't matter if you invested in T3 over T2 walls (btw which make almost no difference ever since the iron/steel balance) since 1 blow from the god and it will be wiped away.

The infinite bomb issue is actually smaller than you think due to the rather low damage the bombs do to walls and how it is impossible to set off the bomb without an arrow now. Furthermore a smart builder can easily create a base in a location that doesn't allow bombs to make an entry point. It takes at least 7 bombs to blow through a T2 wall and the entire time you have to hope to god the defender isnt just simply fixing the wall from the other side.

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