Petition – Console – We desperately need 60FPS and ability to set analog deadzone

I don't believe petitions are against the sub rules and I do know this is been discussed to some length so for that I do apologize.

This particular issue is disregarded by many (specially PC players) as a git gud type of problem when it's much more than that. Imagine if after clicking on a button you had a certain amount of time delay (related to the time it actually takes you to push the analog stick all the way), now consider the actual window of time to react and counter some moves and also take into account console has at least half of the FPS when compared to PC.

This is in fact an issue and light attack spam is in fact a strategy with some chars on console. Sure you have your PK, but you definitely have your valk lights too, and this also hinder your ability to counter soft feints (like berserker or raider) and even parry lights, in other words, it hinders your ability to play the game as it was intended to be played.

I may need to "git gud" many will say, but those that share the console experience and have been playing fighting games long before For Honor came know this to be true. Tbh I'm not god tier, but according to FHTracker I'm currently Top 3% while playing outside the meta.

Please ppl, join me in asking for 60FPS and ability to set analog deadzones as a do or die fix for consoles while accepting that graphics and resolution might come down but gameplay will be favored. I see ppl discussing different fixes to PC/Console and I personally don't want this, don't find it necessary and don't want to have a crutch. I firmly believe these 2 fixes are all we need to make the game viable for all platforms and maybe even entertain the dream of having a multiplatform ladder/mode for times to come.

TL;DR: You play console? You believe that 30FPS isn't enough and that the lack of ability to set your analog deadzones is hurting your performance and overall ability to play the game favoring certain match ups?

Then comment, upvote, make noise, let's make this happen. I'd personally be over the moon if I could only have these 2 little things in the next update.

Thanks for reading.


Edit: Spelling

Edit 2: PS4 Specs

Main processor Single-chip custom processor

CPU : x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores

GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™

Memory: GDDR5 8GB

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