[Personal Opinion] The Devs are slacking, and the success of this game is in THEIR hands.

Just like the title said, this is a personal opinion, and none other. I feel, and as we all know as was released by u/Jay_EV himself, that this game is coming from a place of "cynicism" in reaction to Funcom avoiding bankruptcy.

Let me just say that's all fine and well.. Kingdoms of Amalur: Recokning was in the same position, and that was quite a good game, so I'm not holding it over anyone's head..

That being said, however, it needs to be realized that this game has an overpouring of support who love the game for what it is, but some of us are being let down by the insane number of game breaking glitches and Cultural collisions (Seriously take 10 minutes to Google the top VPN's by region, and black list them, Chinese and Russian zergs and hackers are killing this game before it is even born), without a shred of feedback until it just gets swept under the rug.

Make no mistake, this is Early Access and we understand that we signed up to Alpha/Beta Test a game, but if money is in your best interest, and the consumers have the money, then you're not making much business sense by shooting yourselves in the foot by simply doing "1-2 week patch cycles", which is just horrendous, as in this state, the game is unplayable (This is 1/4 salt fueled because I was jump exploit raided 4 times in 2 days) because you can't even guarantee what you're doing is going to last.

What I'm personally asking for is Community Q&A's, with Dev's to talk to, Bi-daily (2-3x per week) hotfixes, and rolling back and wiping of servers when these are discovered.

Please, Funcom, transparency is key in a situation like this. We want you, and this game to succeed, and Conan is such a beautifully undertold mythos, but we need more action.

Thank you and /endrant

P.S. To Funcom and the Mods, don't go hard on Cainebourne, he is actually providing a service to the devs, 1, because not every programmer knows every single bug or glitch in the game, and 2, taking a page from my own book, things are not meant to last in this period of the games life.. If people use it on you, report it, detail it and move on.. If the Dev team holds up their slack, then the problems should be fixed before they start to become a "problem".

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