Personal Loot Helper – now with less spam!

Hey all – Madone here, the "literal communist" and "creator of cancer" who brought you Personal Loot Helper (PLH)!

PLH was brought up in a recent thread about "must have addons" and there were some misconceptions based on older versions, so I wanted to provide updates on where PLH stands now:

  1. Since October of last year, PLH defaults to only notifying the user, not the party/raid. The option to notify the group still exists for people running with guild groups or friendly pugs. Users can toggle this setting via the "notify group" checkbox. (also note that "notify group" is permanently disabled in LFR)

  2. Since March of this year, PLH has the option to show loot that may be traded to you in the raid frames. This makes is easy to find people who you may want to ask for loot and allows you to compare stats weights by shift-clicking on the icon…and works with other stat weight addons like Pawn! PLH itself is still based on ilvl (just like Blizzard's personal loot trading rules), but this interaction with Pawn allows people to easily see whether or not a tradeable item really would be an upgrade for them.

  3. Since March of this year, PLH will sort names in order of lowest ilvl to highest ilvl, making it easier for you to determine who may get the biggest benefit from loot that you may trade.

  4. Since March of this year, PLH now works correctly for tier and timewalking gear.

  5. And finally, a feature for guilds and friendly pugs that many don't know about – if you are a raid leader or raid assistant, you can check the "coordinate rolls" checkbox, which simplifies loot rolls for tradeable gear. If you have this box checked, players can whisper you "trade" or "trade " and PLH will prompt for rolls for that item.

So – if you haven't checked PLH out in a while, you may want to give it another look!

To the people who feel pressured when they see someone using PLH in group notify mode, I do see where you're coming from. However, keep in mind that 99% of the WoW community will understand if you choose to not trade something that you looted (it IS your loot and it IS your choice!…I swear, I'm not a communist!). A simple "I'm going to use this item" works in 99% of cases; you don't even need to explain whether you're going to equip it, DE it, transmog it, or whatever. If there are toxic people in the group who give you crap for not trading gear, kick them – or if you don't have the option to do that, whisper the person running PLH and ask them to uncheck "notify group" while there are still toxic people in the group.

Thanks again to everyone who uses PLH to foster friendly cooperation, and thanks to everyone who has provided feedback/suggestions for PLH on the curse page!

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