People Need To Relax.

Seriously, people need to stop attacking the devs over stupid shit. This is an early access game and when you bought it you signed on for a game that at its worst could be a broken, buggy PoS that will ONE DAY become a full game. That's not even the case here as this game is already leagues above most early access games and it makes you all sound like stupid children when you whine and cry and demand they take action to fix bugs in a system that's only a few weeks old.

The team working on this game have been great, they've been extremely open about what they are working on and what their priorities are and that's all you can ask for from a game in early access. Don't forget that they have given you the opportunity to CHOOSE to play an UNFINISHED game. No one forced you to buy it and no one (at least not the devs) tricked you into buying it under the guise that it's a flawless, finished product.

You don't have a right to demand they change their priorities either. The game might be published by EA, but the actual team working on it still operates with a budget and deadlines just like any other studio would. They only have a year to do everything they want to do with this game and it's simply not up to you what order they do it in, it's probably not even entirely up to the dev team as I'm sure they have a project manager from EA breathing down their necks to make sure everything is moving forward.

Early access literally means you're playing a game that hasn't been released, and trying to play it "competitively" or getting upset because of bugs or people exploiting a brand new system that is literally being tested by players for the first time ever is unreasonable and ridiculous. It does a disservice to the devs who are working their ass off to make the damn game and it does a disservice to the community who is actually trying to provide helpful feedback.

TL;DR Making another post saying "this unfinished game is unfinished and despite knowing this going in, I'M MAD!" is incredibly unhelpful. Please just relax and if you're truly that frustrated with the game right now, please take a break. Wait until the development cycle is a few months in, or wait until the game is finished.

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