People are missing the point of the game

Whilst I can understand the frustrations of the people who lose fights/games due to things like the circle and not getting loot. I don't agree that these things should be drastically changed.

The entire point of this game is that it is a survival game, you survive by doing anything in your power to continue living.

e.g. If your only loot is a crossbow/pistol, you are really far out, and the 1st circle is moving in 1 minute. You have a choice… run to the circle asap and then play passively to catch someone off guard and loot them. Or, you keep on looting where you are, hope you get lucky and find rifles/meds/car to get you looted and back on the right track.

In these situations, you are making a decision based on whether you think the reward outweighs the risk. That is the entire point of the game, you use the tools you have at your disposal to try to make critical decisions which will (ideally) enhance your chance to survive.

You have to ask yourself things like… Should I go now? Should I run further than the edge of the circle so I can give myself some leeway? Should I run across the open field quickly or take the longer but tree covered route? Should I fight this guy or let him pass?

When people complain about the circle killing them… Why not run in earlier? You obviously left it too late. This is a perfect example of when someone failed to make the correct decision. It's not the game being bad, it's bad judgement.

When the circle is on the other side, you get yourself over there as fast as you can. It's simple, the circle kills you, so don't sit on the edge until the last second. If anything the game is encouraging people to make plays and not just camp.

I think people are focusing on the wrong thing here. They act like it's an eSport, and that a level playing field should be established.

The whole idea of the game is "No, It's not fair!" and it shouldn't be either. It throws you into a world where 1 person in 100 survives, no-one has a set spawn, no one has set gear, no one is guaranteed anything, and nothing is certain. That is the whole point of the game. If everyone had a guaranteed gun spawn it would be just another generic shooter.

So please… when you die to the circle, get sniped from 600m away, don't get any loot at all… don't moan about it. It's all part of the fun of the game, you take the hand you are dealt, and you use it to the best you can. If you die, sure maybe you got unlucky, but no doubt you made some mistakes along the way.

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