Pearlescent Butterfly Wristbands, Bracers of the Fallen Son, and (many) other forgotten appearances


I've been playing the outfit (transmog) game before it was even a thing. Ever since I learned about Tiers, I'd focus on getting my hands on all of the eight pieces and possibly the matching extra visuals that'd come along with them.

As any fellow… transmoggonist (?) would know, there are many many sets in the game that are missing parts. But what you might not know is 1) that not only some of them were obtainable in the game at some point, but 2) some actually have been sitting in the files for years, complete, named (and worn by NPCs sometimes) and yet, somehow never implemented as a drop for reasons unknown.

I have dubbed this thread under the name of two very frustrating examples from my transmog journey as a druid.

The Heroic version of Pearlescent Butterfly Wristbands (86996), as well as all other wrists from the Tier 14 lineup were originally sold on the Pandaria BMAH before 5.2 came out. Their LFR and normal counterparts are trash drops from Heart of Fear in their respective difficulties, but heroic Pandaria raids did not have trash drops… as they were sold in the BMAH. But, when 5.2 came out, they removed the Tier 14 bracers from there to update with (obtainable) heroic Tier 15 loot.

What drives me insane is that recently, with the Appearances tab, these bracers are still listed as a requirement for the Heroic set. I have been inquiring GMs ever since 5.2 as to where obtain the bracers, and most notable answers I got were "They are listed as a world drop, so they can drop from anywhere in the game" ; "The only way to obtain them is if someone had bought them in the BMAH and did not equip them and left 'em in their bank and decided to sell them on the AH, so keep an eye out" and my favorite "Honestly, I have no idea".

Moving on to Bracers of the Fallen Son (21594), they are an example of the "exists in game files, but never dropped anywhere". These bracers are the matching visual of the Genesis set, and unlike the belt recolor (which doesn't exist), these have a name, and ID, stats… and you can't get them. It doesn't makes me as frustrated as the first example – as they are not a requirement for the set – but still, if the art team went through the effort of creating these things, then how come these items never made it to the hands of players?

There are many instances of this in the game, such as the heroic recolor of the ICC Warrior set, the blue recolor of the druid tier 1 and the paladin tier 12, to mention a few.

I'd like to ask all transmoggonists and/or outfit collectors that know some of these forsaken items and bring them to light and justice in this thread.

Thanks y'all!

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