PC Preload issues with UPlay

There are 3 gaming PC's in my house. One for me, my son, and my wife. On UPlay for me and my son, getting the preload for Wildlands is easy-peasy, and just as described (News -> Preload). But on my wifes PC, her news tab just has a "Ghost Recon – Become a Ghost" link that leads to the webpage for Wildlands. From there she can click the "Open Beta" tab, and select "PC", but then it just opens a UPlay window asking for a game key. Obviously, I've tried resetting UPlay, but that changed nothing

So at this point I'm lost. Any help would be appreciated.

FIXED: So I found the issue and I figured I'd post what I found for anyone else having the same issue. If you have UPlay only to launch games bought from Steam then your UPlay has been flagged as a "Steam User" (as expalined here ). As such, you'll have an abbreviated version of UPlay that doesn't even have the "Store" tab at the top. To get the full version, with the "Store" tab and full version of the "News" tab, it seems you're going to have to buy something from http://store.ubi.com. As the only other way was to grab a free game during the Ubi 30 event. Since we were unsure pre-ordering Wildlands would actually count, we picked up the original Farcry for her at $10 at the online store. Then after a quick relaunch of UPlay, everything was as it should be. Seems like a bunch of hassle, but whatever.

EDIT 2: It seems there is a link to the open beta within Steam itself that has an "Install" button right on that page. As of this edit, nobody has posted up preloading working from this, but I'm guessing it will. This method seems to have been tested by a few users now and does indeed seem to work.

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