PC – Having strange performance issues and freezes.

I posted this over at the /r/Wildlands subreddit and I was told it may get some more "love" over here, so here you go:


I've been playing wildlands since the alpha, my friend an I have been playing coop since the beta, back then, everything worked just fine. My PC was able to handle the game at ~50fps (which is fine by me, considering my rig isn't the newest) on high/very high. The game looked astonishing and after finishing the beta and playing some more, we were hooked.

We both bought the game and played coop on release date, but the performance was quite bad. Terrible at times. I now have to play at medium/low just to hit 40fps, most of the time it fluctuates between 28ish and 40 :/

What happens as well are these strange "freezes" whilst flying in a chopper or plane. The game seems to load textures and just "stops" for a few good seconds. Strangely this occures only in multiplayer (atlest i have not experienced it in solo-play). Here's a link to another reddit post regarding this issue.

But like I said, the performance on my rig is pretty bad and although the game looks amazing, I'm forced to play something that looks like a texture mess and at times a ps2 game :/


My setup:

intel core i7 3770k 3.40gh OC to 3.60

Nvidia GeForce GTX680 4GB (Asus)


Installed on a HDD

Running on Win7


Benchmark stats:

On Medium:


cpu: 25%

gpu: 99%

(subsequently it's worse on high and very high, I have not tried ultra yet)


My friends setup (from the top of my head):

intel core i7 6700k

Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 6GB


Installed on a HDD (i think, lol)

Running on Win10

(There was one instance where his cpu overheaded due to the game running on very high, he had to shut down his PC and cool it down.)


The games is running better on his PC, but it's still not comparable with the beta and he too has these random "freezes" and framedrops. Another problem we're having are inconsistencies in the game world. Sometimes we're engaging a small farm or outpost, I'm marking enemies and my friend is just stading there like "wtf are you doing, there is no one here". On my screen I'm marking and shooting enemies, on his I'm just shooting into thin air. After some time (for instance I clear the camp myself), "his" enemies appear and then they are there on my screen as well. Which basically means, i have to do every outpost twice. Luckily this happens only once every hour or 2, but it should't happen at all…

(btw. please excuse any language errors c:)


We really don't know what to do :/

pls halp

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