Parachuting to a location ahead of everyone else

So I'm tired of jumping for a vehicle to drive off to a remote place to loot up before taking fights. I want to pick a dense/contested location be the first to reach it and pick up a weapon before everyone else, but I've always been landing late despite what I consider very reasonable judgements, which must be incorrect.

One example is how I've been losing the landing race everytime I go for school and was wondering if better players can offer some advice for the following two scenarios:

1) Plane path is directly over school. I jump out a tiny bit before the plane passes over the school so I can -chute directly down at the maximum ~230km/h, auto-open, and have the trajectory carry me onto the roof. In this scenario, as I'm W'ing downwards with the chute open, I always see people flying in from the side and below me as if they've jumped earlier than I have, and landing more than 2 seconds before I do. I get gunned down while still looking for a weapon

2) The plane path is one and a half grid or so away from school and I jump when the plane's at the shortest distance between my jumpoff point and the school. This lets me land directly on the roof when I fly in at around the minimum 127km/h off the jump, auto-open, and let the trajectory land me onto the roof. After my chute opens, I see players flying in below me with their chutes still closed, open-chute way after mine does, land on the roof and loot before I do.

I feel I've optimized on both distance and speed on paper, but I must be missing something

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