Overall Thoughts (Good and Bad)

So as the Beta is closing down I figure I'd throw out my thoughts. Overall I had a positive expirence with the game. There were a few things that I enjoyed and there were a few things I didn't.

Pros – The world is awesome. I loved the look and feel of it and felt fully immersed. – Contarary to popular opinion I didn't have a problem with the driving mechanics. After lots of playing around I even grew to enjoy flying the helicopters. – I thought the gun play was good. I played with both the over the shoulder and first person settings. – I enjoyed being able to sneak around effectively and take out a squad of enemies. – I also enjoyed running in guns blazing and darting in and out of cover

Cons – I did not enjoy playing with my squad on solo. I found that they were pretty much useless overall. I couldn't rely on them to be effective in a gun fight. I think it boiled down to a lack of control or lack of response to commands. Really the only things I found them useful for was sync shots and reviving me if i went down. * – The AI need better awareness. (Even at the Ghost difficulty) There was times that they seemed completely oblivious and they would see you and take to long to react. If i'm playing on Ghost difficulty and I get spotted and I don't take that guy out immediately then I want all hell to break loose. I want the enemy to work together to flank me and try and take me out. Especially at higher difficulty. * – I am concerned about mission length. The final boss mission was literally 4 bad guys. That is weak sauce. I want missions to take at least 20 minutes. I hate when main missions feel like side quests. It literally took me an hour to complete the story in that province. If thats the case with the entire game then I will be thouroughly disappointed. – When playing with a squad I hate that every member has to tag supplies individually to get rewarded. When you play as a team you should be rewarded as a team. Player 1 tags something then all the other players get rewarded. Its an annoying waste of time to have run around and tag things individually. – There should be an actual insentive to revive teammates who go down. All teammates should have to be up to complete the mission or something.

I really do enjoy this game but I hope the campaign is a proper campaign and not just a bunch of crappy mini missions. I wanna get immersed in the story not just the world and I didn't get that from this beta.

  • I understand that this province has a level 1 difficulty so I am hoping that as difficulty levels increase that AI awareness increases and mission length increases.

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