OVER-GRINDING & NIOH (let’s be honest), and a possible fix

This game is brought down a lot by its grinding aspects, more specifically higher-end cheesy over-grinding, for example, right now there is certain mission(s) that you can farm over and over for massive gains with no penalties, after a little while your char will naturally be one shotting bosses with power making farming more amrita+gold+divines even faster and out of proportions. I don't see the fun in cheesing a game that's supposed to be a "good fair challenge", wouldn't it be better if we all had fair grounds and an experience we can all relate to and discuss openly?

I was thinking about an added penalty that reduces the amrita/gold/drops gained by ~50% for completed missions, possibly more for each retry, while in return adjusting the game's difficulty and progression where needed. Then missions should feel fresh and more rewarding but most importantly it's a simple fix that auto-addresses certain mechanic abuses. With this modifier, higher-end required amrita and gold should get adjusted properly, revenant system gets a few balances, quality equipment sets drop chances increased which in turn will decrease % junk equipment loot, this will immensely help make loot system feel more rewarding than it is now.

Now that the DLCs are closing in, what do you think of changes like these? in what other ways you think you could make this great game better in terms of punishing over-grinding and rewarding balance?

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  1. PlayStation.Blog US announced Nioh’s DLC 2, Defiant Honor will be available on PlayStation 4 from July 25, purchase from PlayStation Store for $9.99 / £9.99, or free for Nioh Season pass.

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