Our guardians never been powerful enough to meet Gary.

!WARNING! English isn't my native language !WARNING!

Some people are… "impressed" that Gary so easy defeated us. But they just don't understand, that we aren't as strong as they think.

We defeated Atheon only because we had Aegis. Without Aegis we couldn't even pass Templar. Aegis saved us, not our powers or guns. Our guns killed Atheon, but it is not hard to break down metal body.

We killed hive Gods so easy? No. In fact, they are god in terms of Hive, not human terms.

We killed Crota only because we had his Sword. Without Sword we couldn't defeat him.

Oryx. I want to remind you, that we killed Oryx after we weakened him sooo hard for a few times… We destroyed his shrine on the Moon, we killed Crota, we killed Warpriest, we killed Golgoroth, we killed daughters! We killed everyone who were connecting Oryx's worm to his food, and worm started to eat Oryx… technically, we could leave Oryx slowly dying after we killed his Daughters. However, even then we couldn't defeat him without detonating Corrupted Light.

Aksis? Almost. We couldn't destroy his shield without SIVA charges. But his body is mortal and is not hard to break down.

I also want to remind you that only one of our guardians is a main hero of Destiny story, all other guardians, even guardians of your friends or Deej's guardians are not ones who are as good as your guardian. In terms of Story only 5 more guardians who went with you into Raids can be as experienced and strong as you are. Other guardians are simple, not really good fighters, can handle majors but still.

Only your one guardian (+5) killed all strike bosses and completed all Raids. Others – never did. However, even then, your guardian never fight with such gigantic force as Gary's military fleet.

Your guardian is LIT, but isn't enough to stop Gary. It is your guardian's fault that the Vault will be destroyed. Shame on you that you will not stop Him.

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