Our First Aksis Challenge Mode

Last night, me and my Fireteam attempted the Wrath of the Machine HM for, what seems like, the hundredth time. We started at around 7:45pm with are usual 5 and needed a 6th. Reluctantly, I went on Destiny Tracker to find our last player. We found one almost instantly, and he seemed like a very genuine, good player. In past experience, getting players I don't know to complete a Raid has been stressful to say the least, but this Guardian seemed good. He barely spoke, but he always seemed very chilled out.

30 minutes had past, and somehow we had just finished the Siege Engine and got a new personal best of 05:05, something no one on our team had accomplished. This was the motivation we needed. Two bosses down, one to go.

We drop into the Perfection Complex, and having never even destroyed Aksis on HM, we discussed the Challenge Mode. None of us know the mechanics of what to do. "Can anyone explain what we have to do". Five "No" answers were echoed back, followed by silence.

… and then we heard a "Sure".

The 6th player, who turned out to be the greatest Guardian we've ever played with, explained to us what to do. And boy did we listen. For almost 15 minutes, he went through EVERYTHING. Where to stand, timings, who goes where, even the statistics of how likely it would be if your plate lit up. After many questions and a long silence from everyone, we nervously attempted our first try. Phase One, easy. Our positioning and routine becomes embedded in my brain and we do it flawlessly. Phase Two? Probably the tensest 30 minutes of gaming I've ever experienced…

We try and try and try again, all dying through silly mistakes (featuring 'Misadventures' and 'Killed by the Architects'). And then, we listen to the one who guided us. He tries a new routine and we follow him into the Darkness.

Damage phase, only the Empowered speak, everyone else is silent. Face Aksis, if he doesn't teleport to your side, turn around and run for your lit up square. Something clicks, all the pieces start forming together, we may wipe a few times, but we know we're almost there.

Last damage phase, utter silence as people start to concentrate. We jump slam, we slide slam x3. Void Exotic Swords out, Weapons of Light on, Void Archer fires. He's stunned… and so are we. He teleports back to the place it all began. Snipers out and we fire EVERYTHING we have into him. Clocks ticking down, people begin panicking. Someone starts shouting, someone stops shooting, AND THEN.

A bright light… of white. Aksis falls as hard as my jaw hitting the floor. What follows is nothing short of celebration, the same sort of celebration you get when England scored the second goal against Wales in the Euro 2016. A chest opens, two beautiful emblems are awarded and an absolute shit tonne of loot/swag drops at our feet. Completed. After the excitement passes, we all take time to thank and appreciate the help and support we got from this mysterious Guardian. No rage, no doubt. He left as calmly as he joined us. I don't post too often, but I did today just to say one simple thing. Whoever you are, I hope you read this and know we are all insanely grateful for how patient and calm you were. You told us every time we wiped how close we are and that we WILL complete it. Thanks again, and I really wish we cross paths again Guardian.

This is why this game is so great to me.

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