Our Age of Triumph

"We are what remains of the Light…and we will not be stamped out." – The Speaker

This piece of dialogue is after we finish the Black Garden Mission. It also got me thinking about the Age of Triumph. From the little we know we have moved from the City Age into the Age of Triumph. The city has developed and the Guardians have pushed back the Darkness, and it all started at the Black Garden. It was a power that was draining the Travelers light and we removed it from existence. After that we continued to destroy any enemy in our way and stop any force that could rise against us. Our Guardian brought the Age of Triumph.

Our Guardian is the Age of Triumph

So what did we do for the Age of Triumph?

  • Defeated the House of Devils Archon Priest
  • Defeated the House of Devils Prime Servitor
  • Established a relationship with Rasputin (However odd it is)
  • Opened a Golden Age Array that allowed us to see out to other planets and also gave Rasputin the power of the Warsats.
  • Killed Hive Princes
  • Stopped the bleeding of the traveler by the Hive
  • Unlocked the knowledge of the Hive
  • Broke the Hives connection to Oryx
  • Established a connection to the Reef and it's queen
  • Killed a Gatelord and stole it's eye
  • Killed the House of Winter Kell
  • Stopped a new Archon Priest from Rising in the House of Winter
  • Defeated the Nexus Mind
  • Broke the Cabal Exclusion Zone
  • Defeated Cabal leaders
  • Got into the Black Garden and destroyed the Heart of it.
  • Entered the Vault of Glass and destroyed Atheon, a Vex God who controlled the reality of the Vault
  • Killed all of Crotas leaders and stopped him from returning to our reality
  • Entered Crotas Throne world and killed him
  • Stopped a mad Kell from taking over the other Fallen Houses
  • Captured him and then killed him in the Prison of Elders
  • Defeated numerous high ranking prisoners in the Prison of Elders
  • Pushed the Taken assault back (The army that not even the Cabal could defeat)
  • Snuck onto the Dreadnaught and disabled it's super weapon
  • Became Ascendant Hive
  • Stopped the Cabal from blowing up our entire solar system
  • Prevented the vex from re-writing time
  • Saved Rasputin from the Fallen
  • Faced down Oryx and pushed him into retreat
  • Entered his throne world and killed his family.
  • Stole back the Light he had captured
  • Took his own power and turned it against him to destroy him
  • Shut down Maloks rise to power
  • Danced around with SIVA mites for a week
  • Stopped the expanse of SIVA and broke the Fallen Splicers
  • Pushed into the SIVA chamber and fought off Iron Lords
  • Then blew up the chamber that the Iron Lords could not
  • Killed Sepiks Prime…again….
  • Broke into the Splicer hideout and killed the Perfected SIVA Gods

Our Guardian has done a lot. There is still more not on the list that we have accomplished. We started out in a world covered in Darkness and we pushed it back. We broke every enemy and every force. We have accomplished a great deal in regard to actual story in this game. The Fallen are shattered, The Hive broken, Vex are Silent, the Cabel have called for aid, the Taken Defeated, and SIVA purged. The City is free and we are safe. For now.

This community has also grown as well. Everyday Guardian are helping each other, doing charities, streaming, carrying others, Doing Sherpa runs, and for the most part being awesome. The community has it's negative areas but overall this community is what has made this game what it is. We as Guardians and a Community are finishing out the Age of Destiny 1, where we have accomplished so much in and out of the game. We are moving into a promising future with Bungie and I am looking forward to the years to come with this game, company, and most importantly this community.

Eyes up Guardians

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