Order Hall Champion Guide for 7.2

Hi all,

Welcome to the Order Hall Champion Guide for 7.2! A lot of new stuff to incorporate, but the basic concepts are mostly unchanged from last time.

First off, I'd like to thank /u/blackleafdragon for the original guide, and also /u/kanemochi for dealing with me pestering him non-stop about classes that I don't play.

New Stats:

Tracking Spreadsheet

For the newly top-level missions, the data that I have currently breaks down as follows. As before, the SPEC of the left-most boss is always random, while the other objectives are constant.

(Note: I know I don't quite have all of the missions yet, but this should be plenty good enough to make rules from. I'm also not going to count the old ones that give XP or for dungeons/raids – those are quite AoE heavy but it won't affect the final conclusions.)

Total Missions: 57

AoE Counter: 27

Dge Counter: 23

INT Counter: 19

Duration <= 5 hours: 12

Duration > 8 hours: 25

The counter types have really evened out since 7.1 – it's still a little heavier on AoE but not nearly to the degree that it was back then. Short missions are still relatively rare, while Long missions are still somewhat common.

Therefore, with 6 base champions now (the 7th is reserved for a Combat Ally), you should go with everything evenly. 2 of each spec, and 2 of each counter type.

Order Hall Upgrades:

In general you should always take the following Order Hall Upgrades, with exceptions noted in their individual class section:

  • +1 Troop Capacity: Getting the third Tier 2 Troop is essential as you'll be using them for almost everything. I realize that this competes with the follower equipment production for most classes, but you'll get enough from running the missions (especially now that the bonus box always drops a blue or better).

  • Tier 2 Troop Upgrade: This makes your T2 troops very strong.

  • Extra Champion: You get an extra Spec and three equipment slots over the extra troop type – this allows you to keep a full time Combat Ally without losing any ability to do missions.

Note that the Epic Troop type (Ancient of War / Ascendants) are NOT listed here – they are ok but not great because they both don't carry equipment slots and don't activate your Champions + to Tier 2 equipement.

Combat Ally:

With 7 total Champions now, it's very easy to keep a full-time Combat Ally. I HIGHLY recommend getting Meatball – kanemochi wrote a guide to getting him here, and Meatball is amazing at everything. He's an absolute blast as a bodyguard (grab the purple orbs, it's a buff!) and can help out with missions during off-time to pick up some bonus % items too. Also, watching him EAT A PITLORD at 10% health is the best thing ever.

Follower Equipment:

In general, you want to have +20% with Tier 2 troops, +15% to all (Auspicious Fetish), and then either +10% to all (Lucky Doodad) or +15% with Tier 2 on everybody. It's only 5% less using a Doodad and a lot better the odd times you don't send a T2 troop (using AoW or Grimtotems and such).

I don't recommend deviating much from this – putting a single +40% to Long on a champion with a 15% to Long trait is fine, but trying to force +%40 to Short with champions that have -20% duration just isn't enough benefit (it takes 2 slots and there aren't enough missions for it anyway).

Class Champion Recommendations:

I'll just quickly go though which champions are chosen – the thought process is outlined in my older 7.1 post and you can look at the second tab of the spreadsheet to see (slightly) more detail on the thought process for each individual class.

In short, the best traits are 15% with T2 troops, 5% per HP (usually 10-15% for any mission), and there are a few with 15% to everything which are snap-picks.

Anything that doesn't contribute to mission success are bad, ranging from mild-use (restore HP, reduced duration, bonus with T1) to complete uselessness (create T1, solo-champion, reduced cost).


Hilaire, Blake, Addie, Syrenne, Hemet, Halduron.

Very solid and easy to pick, as Rexxar is really bad and Loren only slightly less so.


Mylune, Remulos, Brightwing, Sylendra, Hamuul, Thisalee.

Not great but there's only 2 Restos so you have to take them.

Notes: Naralex is a great Combat Ally on PvP servers.

Ancient of War is ok – you can create one and then switch to the free Bonus Roll as you can keep the AoW up forever with Sylendra's hearts.


Calla, Mariella, Natalie, Zabra, Sol, Ishanah.

Shadow Heresy makes it tempting to go with all 3 Shadow, but still better to keep them even. Could use Aelthalyste as a combat ally instead of Meatball to take advantage of it, though.


Two options, depending on how much you hate Magatha. laugh

1) Avalanchon, Scaldius, Celestos, Muln, Hydraxis, Magatha. Pros: all 4 Elemental Lieutenants! Cons: Magatha.

2) Myrla, Avalanchon, Celestos, Muln, Nobundo, Hydraxis.

Notes: Rehgar is still a really good Combat Ally even with flying – indoors areas and instant-cast ground for short trips make zoom-zoom-wolf-mode good.

Magatha's item is a 2HP troop that gives 40% success. Not great, it's Scaldius and Magatha vs Myrla and Nobundo, none of which are great. laugh


Oh boy, where to begin. Warriors have THREE champions with completely useless abilities, as well as a less-good T2 troop upgrade.

There are two approaches here, but both of them break one of the fundamental rules and I'm not really sure which is better.

The first is to go with a single Prot champion and try to keep the better traits, the second is a wild theory that breaks ALL the rules but might actually work!

1) Finna, Dvalen, Hodir, Eitrigg, Thorim, Ragnvald.

Only one Prot and three Fury, but you only have one terrible trait (and quite a few good ones).

2) Svergan, Finna, Dvalen, Eitrigg, Thorim, Ragnvald.

With setup #2, the idea is to try to make the the +15% solo champion trait actually good by taking Shock Troops instead of the 7th champion slot. Yes, this means we don't get a Combat Ally at all, but if this works the way I think it should you might be able to send 4 missions at a time quite a bit. For equipment on this setup, you want both Svergan and Thorim to have +20% Shock Troops, +20% Valkerya, and +15% all.

No promises on the second setup, but it's what I'm going to be running for a while. 🙂

Note: I like Eitrigg's trait slightly better than Hymdall's – they're identical otherwise and both pretty good.

Ok, those are the classes I have. For the rest, I've put together a list based on what I've seen online. If I have something incorrect let me know and I'll update as appropriate.


Angus, Chen, Monkey King, Sylara, Hiro, Almai.

Straightforward setup that's solid for sure.


Calydus, Lulubelle, Shinfel, Kanrenthad, Ritsynn, Kira.

Note: If you want Zinnin and Jubeka instead of Kanrenthad and Kira, that's totally fine.


Thoras, Thassarian, Koltira, Minerva, Nazgrim, Morgraine.


Liadrin, Nerun, Delas, Aponi, Boros, Maximillian.

Notes: Poor Paladins, your T2 upgrade is even worse than Warriors. I'd actually take the T1 upgrade there, but they're both useless so it really doesn't matter much.

On the bright side, you get Maximillian, who is AMAZING. Use Lothraxion until you get Maximillian.


Mathias, Garona, Taoshi, Voss/Graymane, Marin, Vanessa.

Note: No, I have no idea what Marin's trait does. Doesn't matter much as this is the best setup even if it's a blank.


Vargoth, Kalec, Ravandwyr, Esara, Meryl, Modera.

Notes: Mage is tough. Millhouse is bad unfortunately, doubling mission duration just makes you lose out on total missions done. Having only two Frost is painful (and they're both bad, too).

Aethas is also bad, as he doesn't counter anything. However, he does make a very good Combat Ally similar to Meatball, and can pitch in on missions during down-time with a high rate.

Unfortunately, getting Akazamazark doesn't change much as Kalec is great and you still need two fire guys.


Altruis/Kayn, Allari, Akama, S'theno, Asha, Jace.

Straightfoward (as Matron is beyond terrible) – some not-great champions in there but your T2 troop upgrade makes up for it.

I think that's it – thanks for reading!

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