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So, currently, I'm running a combination of Kingos (2 pieces), Sananda Crimson (2 pieces), and Red Demon (1 piece and spear in offhand).

This grants me a great boost to Final Blow Damage and Spearfall Damage. All the while I haven't had to invest into Stamina to maintain a 'B' rating in Agility. Also, most of my weapon bonuses usually involve Final Blow Damage, Behind the Back Damage, Break stats, or Final Blow Recovery — couple this with the passives on Aya-Komori, and I'm having fun steamrolling through most enemies.

However, I just got to Warrior of the East, and his 2-piece Set Bonus looks pretty good: slightly more damage reduction and a huuuuge increase to Merciless Barrage (which I also just got). So basically, I'm trying to incorporate THAT into my build. Unfortunately, I'm obviously low on slots to fill.

I figured I could use his spear (after refashioning, of course) and then I tried farming him a few times to see if he maybe had a bow — doing my best to NOT look up too many guides and/or spoilers for the game — before giving up and finding out that I don't believe he has one. So my only option would be to use his spear and an armor piece, giving up one of my other set bonuses. I'd also have to respec (nbd) to invest in Stamina for a decent Agility rating.

So, finally, I ask of you: what do you think? Is it worth it?

I unfortunately already had it spoiled that there's a NG+ item that allows me to eliminate set requirements by 1, but unfortunately I don't think I plan to play past the end of NG — I do quite enjoy this game, but I have wayyyy too many other games that I'd like to get to soon and just not as much time to game nowadays.

I'm sure some will wonder why I'm stuck on build optimization when it's not NG+, but that's part of the fun with these kinds of games, right? Crafting a build around your playstyle and whatnot?

Anywho, I'd appreciate your guys opinions! Cheers!

TL;DR: currently using a combo of Kingos, Sanada, and Red Demon; is it worth incorporating Warrior of the East WITHOUT using the NG+ Magatama — essentially is 30% to Merciless Barrage worth it?

Bonus Question: any recommendations for a different Guardian Spirit for this build? I can't seem to find much better than Aya-Komori because of the Behind the Back Damage and Life Recovery by Final Blow — the rest of the passives just seem… well meh.

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