One star on amazon…

So we all know the game was a huge hit and nearly everyone loves it but looking back on Amazon I noticed that there is 1-3% of the overall ratings in each of the 1-4 star reviews (out of 700 BotW Switch ratings) Out of curiosity I had to see why this handful of people could have possibly hated it enough to give it 1 star.

One person gave it a star saying "great game but delivered too late". Don't you get that you are rating the product, not the seller or Amazon's ability to fulfill their delivery on time?! If its a great game then why would you give it one star? Does it bother anyway else that even with the minuscule amount of poor ratings, those numbers are negatively skewed because someone doesn't understand how ratings work?

There is another 1 star that says "SCAM, stay away" lol like what happened to you? Hundreds of people are reporting perfect ratings and great experiences, don't you think there's something anomalous about your situation? My guess is they tried to buy it at like half off from a third party and had their order cancelled and personal info farmed… in which case once again you are rating the game when you should be rating the seller or experience.

The last one i have to complain about is someone literally called the game "Evil." yes thats right… not safe for kids because it is evil. Because Ganon is a demon, link was resurrected, and you pray to statues to get heart containers. like… wha… what are you even talking about. It's not trying to be religious. If it was it certainly isn't trying to convert your kid to being religious. And even if i was wrong on both accounts… Link, Hero of time brings light to smite the dark lord ganon… wtf about that would be evil? if anything it would be the exact opposite, destroying bad in the world. Even if you were atheist or strictly christian and you think any beliefs that aren't your own are inherently evil. Well, i will bite my tongue when we start to see triforce tipped cathedrals rising up around the world preaching the bane of Ganon (please let that happen)

Long post, just wanted to share my frustration around bad ratings lol. If you ever run out of new Reddit posts reading through Botw Amazon reviews can be fairly entertaining.

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