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For those who are out of the loop:

  • wowhead has issues with advertisements, and they continue to struggle with problems.
  • The long history of comments on wowhead are super useful and provide something that can't be found elsewhere.
  • The site is not usable for a lot of people without an adblocker or premium subscription.
  • This is pissing people off.

As far as we know:

  • wowhead is trying to fix things.
  • Their staff are not a bunch of evil fucking cunts out to ruin your lives (paraphrasing from actual removed comments here), they're just people trying to do their jobs.
  • This change is not easy to make, and it's not happening fast.
  • Everyone acknowledges that it would be better if the changes were to happen faster for these problems to go away.

As of right now, you as a wowhead user have a few options:

  1. Stop using wowhead. Find another site, build another site, whatever. Just stop using it.
  2. Continue using wowhead, and start reporting problems to THEIR STAFF, not /r/wow. If the site is showing abnormal behaviour, report it.
  3. If the site is breaking your browser, download an ad blocker. I use ublock origin and ublock origin extra on chrome, which you can learn about here.

What's not productive:

  1. Attacking the wowhead staff.
  2. Attacking the people who are complaining about wowhead.
  3. Accusing anyone with an opinion that doesn't match yours of being shills, fanboys, assholes, or any other creative insult you can think up.
  4. Posting yet another "wowhead sucks" post on /r/wow.

/r/wow is not the wowhead complaints forum. Posts on /r/wow that are basically just "wowhead sucks" are not achieving anything other than fighting in the comments and insults.

If there's a new issue, feel free to make a post about it, but rehashing the same issue is not helping anyone. If you want to yell at me for this, this thread is the place to do it.

Edit: typo.

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