On Daybreaks lack of communication, lack of progress, and anger in this subreddit

I'm here to talk today about how, like title says, daybreak is lacking communication, lacking proof of progress, and why the anger in this subreddit is justified.

Firstly, communication. These guys do their absolute best to avoid arguments, take part in community streams, tell us as the community what they are doing, and when they expect it to come out. some of the developers, esp ben, even take the time to hang out in other people's JS streams to answer questions, talk, and generally just hangout. H1Michael is even in our discord, talking about bugs, taking reports, and letting us know how its all going.

Lack of progress, next. Daybreak has ONLY told us the things that they plan to get done. The pevious team, before new development, spent a solid year or more dicking around, and as much as it sucks to blame other people, there were a lot of bugs to fix. Through playing the test server, we've clearly seen as a clan the immense amount of fixes that have gone through, the clarity in why some bugs are fixxed and others are left as is. We've definitely even seem them taking time to fix small bugs that recently pop up, so nothing new stacks up, and there are as few annoying bugs as possible.

On top of this they've refused to speak about things they're not sure they're able to accomplish reasonably soon, and have begun discussion greatly about new combat and new building AND the new map. All of which are said to be sooner, rather than later in 2017

Finally. The anger in this subreddit.

If you're not confused yet, then surprise. The above two points are actually wonderful things that directly counter the "sources of anger" as a result of "lack of communication and lack of progress".

So why are people angry? because everyone seems to be confused about the above two points.

but here's the sad truth, /r/h1z1 .

The reason this subreddit is so angry, is cause its stuck in a circle-jerk of anger, fueled entirely by old ideas and old emotions and (especially) eachother.

The reason there's no progress is, sadly, because there was so much to fix. But the new team has already created a solid track record of delivering on all of their words. There's absolutely no reason to think they're lying. Not one reason. The only thing to do about lack of content is patience. They are working on it, and their track record shows that they are, and that it will be out in a reliable amount of time.

Finally, the reason there's no communication, is because there's no communication here. they avoid this place because its full of toxic people. because you're all so angry.

tldr; The first sentence was a lie. please stop being so angry.

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