OMG i got Magnificent IDEA come and listen

Suggestion how to Fix/Upgrade Official servers

Blitz server resets every Month .What about add Voting system where players can vote for sever settings after server reset ?. 24 hours before server gonna reset there should be voting panel with most popular options to Vote and community can already vote and choose what next server be like ? Great ya?

There will be option to vote for : enable/disable goods , night lenght time, XP/crafting/gathering/multiplier , for set full PVP or PVP/raiding only in seted clock/days and alot other most popular options which you can set as admin when you host server.

SO community can already have chance to vote and modify server options every month before they reset that would be amazing .This will be nice option to fix Official servers and they wont be dead so fast

What do you think guys ? if you like please bump lets make CONAN_GREAT_AGAIN


1 Avatars Enabled on server?

A.Yes B.No

2 Xp Multiplier (and same option for crafting/gathering etc)

A. x1 B.x2 C.x3 D.x5

3 PVP time (other voting for Raiding/structures damage

A PVP always enabled B.PvP enabled only at evenings 18-22 C.PVP only in weekends

There can be alot more options so we can vote for desired server settings on officials ( also would be nice if we already see how many % voted for each option so we generaly can find server which have more prefeable stats by us ( something like 33% Voted for enable avatars 67% for disable Avatars )

I believe this is may be hard to do by developers not sure about programing and coding , i believe there may be also breaking mechanics ppl can just go VOTE on all servers and make shit/crap voting to broke server settings (So we will need fix for this probably (idk maybe each payer will be able to vote on max 3 servers ? , or you will need get some play time on server to be allowed for voting ).

Im suggesting there how Developers can little fix the game and upgrade Official Servers . Please Stop with things like :"You dont like ? make own server ? You dont like then play on private ?? . becasue this dont help if i want i will go to private or host but i dont wanna i want play on official servers and help upgrade then so your post put nothing to thread . Thx

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