Hello everyone! Today I had the courage to join the SMITE-Reddit comunity and make my first post, please be kind to me! My name is Jeanne (or that's how I like people to call me) and I want to bring back a topic that was discussed a lot of times here or on other SMITE forums. It's about Nu Wa and her old/original/retro skin.

I guess I'm a pretty active person in SMITE and play a lot of matches. I think I've had the chance to encounter all of the Gods (wheter they were on my team or the enemy team). Lately, I've seen a lot of Nu Was… or should I say : Old Was? (Myself included :P) No matter how many Nu Was I encountered they were wearing the "Old Wa" skin. I don't know if the enemy team was asked by an Old Wa if she/he can die to get legs again. This happened a lot of times to me and my friends I usually queue up with. I don't think people like to look … ssssensational for too much time (you can also check YouTube and see people that complain about her tail), but some do love having a tail and look like a glorious emerald and heavenly Chineese noodle. While there are people that love looking like a heavenly Chineese noodle, there are people that love her legs, her heels, and above all her hips shaking as she walks!

I didn't have the chance to play with the Origianl Nu Wa (Her kit was SO versatile back then, I think you were able to play all of the roles in Conquest!) but after I watched footage of Old Wa (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBbZF2yWmfk , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqhDLWeD0Z8 and many other videos) I think I can tell her Retro Skin was rushed. When you do Fire Shards, your tail appears out of nowhere. The original Old Nu Wa had more … fluid? animations when her tail was appearing and disappearing.

Now, her tail won't disappear after you do Fire Shards. You kinda have to die ._.

I'm not saying her new yellow skin is ugly or anything (BOTH Nu Was are fabulous in my humble oppinion!), but there are people that prefer to be more fierce and be the boss ass binch (Old Wa) and people that preffer to be cheerful and enthusiastic (Nu Wa).

Details matter, right? 😮 I'm not sure how big or small this detail is, but … I'll let you decide. I don't want to be disrespectful or piss anyone off! I just want everyone to be happy and try to help the comunity in a way or another.

So, like :

1 – Is there any NON-LETHAL way to get legs after you ste- I mean, secure a kill with Fire Shards? (Let's make everyone happy!)

2 – What if Old Nu Wa stays in her snake/true form after Fire Shards for about 20-30 seconds ? (Like Fafnir's ultimate?)

3 – Is there any possibility of Old Nu Wa Amethyst coming back? Hades has his retro skin and it's recolor "Bloodfire". I was wondering if that is possible. :< (I don't have anything againts Hades or people that play him o.o It's just that I'm a sucker for lavender hair ?)

Sorry if this (long) topic bothered you in any way! Here's a sweet cupcake as a token of my appreciation for reading this : http://0x0800.github.io/2048-CUPCAKES/style/img/1024.jpg I hope you'll have a good day/night ! ♥

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