Ok so we don’t want to break anything

Listen guys I know that we all enjoy this game and care about making it stay great. We also know that there are disputes between certain classes being op or unneeded.

Please for the love of god don't turn this into Destinys community. I love that game too but the community is so toxic because of constant complaints about weapons balance. I can put up with pk and nobushi bleed damage, I can put up with the warlords defense. Maybe I'm a little salty about conquerors shoulder charge but I can get over it.

Please for the love of god don't turn this game into destiny where people get "bored of the meta" every few weeks. Let's just learn the classes strengths and weaknesses and git gud with them so we don't have to constantly wonder who's strongest this update.

Thank you

Edit 1: please I'm just using destiny as an example. Don't take it personally I've been playing since day one and have seen the Bungies forums. Those of us who have seen it know how downright hateful some of their members can be. I'm not saying everyone involved with them is a bad person. Nor am I talking about destiny the game. I'm talking about the pretty openly rude members.

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