Ok, so since we are getting a fairly fun Modifier for Nightfalls. I decided to make my own Exotic related Modifier… (first post on Reddit)

This is my first post on Reddit although I am a regular visitor here 🙂

Anyone else feel Exotics aren't Exotic enough? They will be with this Modifier! Well kinda. You can probably tell which ones I just had no ideas for.

Modifier: Grants bonus perks and effects on all Exotics. All weapon and armour slots can be filled out by Exotics. Low tier enemies will create 2 clones if below 75% health for more than 2 seconds. Clones can be one shot by anything but deal 50% more damage than original. Mid-tier enemies have triple layered Elemental Shields and deal Elemental damage depending on their current Shield layer. Ultra enemies will spawn additional low-tier enemies at every 11% health interval, spawn mid-tier enemies at every 33% health interval, these enemies are in addition to already spawning enemies and at 99% health will deal 25% more damage and become invincible for 3 seconds at a time with 6 second vulnerability gaps.

Exotic Bonuses:


Necrochasm: •Gain Counterbalance •Gain Persistence •Landing precision shots grants a stack of "Cursed Skull" (max stack is 54) •Cursed Skull stacks cause your next trigger of Cursebringer to deal 10% more damage (per stack), makes explosions 1% larger (per stack) and refills your magazine partially (1 ammo per stack) •Cursed Skull stacks reset after Cursebringer is activated •Emptying a magazine without activating Cursebringer with at least 27 stacks of Cursed Skull will give a stack of "Cursed Soul" •Gaining a stack of Cursed Soul will fully refund your magazine and causes Necrochasm to gain +5 Rate of Fire and +5 Stability •Cursed Soul can stack 10 times. Stacks and buffs will reset after max stacks reached.

Zhalo Supercell: •Lightning will chain on every shot •Longer Lightning range •If no other enemies are in Lightning range, your target will be stunned for 3 seconds •Every kill reloads the weapon

Khvostov 7G-0X •Gain all non-stat-effecting perks (Partial Refund, Focused Fire, Reactive Reload, Hip Fire, Glass Half Full, Outlaw, Firefly, Mulligan, etc, etc, etc, etc.) •Increase magazine size by +100% •Kills with this weapon cause your Ghost to say a nostalgic voice-line

Fabian Strategy: •When Front Lines is active, your melee ability will recharge 10x faster •Deal 10x melee damage whilst Front Lines is active

Hard Light: •Rounds track aggressively after Ricochet •Rounds ricochet 2x as much •Unloading your magazine without stopping will grant a stack of "Light Show" •Light Show stacks cause the next magazine to deal an additional +10% damage and add 5 bullets to your magazine size for free per stack. •Light Show can stack 5 times. Stacks reset after 6th activation.

SUROS Regime: •SUROS Legacy perk activates from the start of the magazine instead of just the bottom half •Spinning Up perk activates as soon as the weapon is fired and recoil is greatly reduced •When using Focused Fire gain Focused Firefly as a perk •Firefly activations cause the remainder of your magazine to deal an additional 25% damage, can be stacked 4 times •When using Spinning Up gain Triple Tap and Triple Double as a perk

Monte Carlo: •Monte Carlo Method perk always fills your melee ability on kill •Gain additional melee charge (stackable) •Running with weapon activates Bayonet Charge which deals 5x to 20x Melee damage after running, the longer you run, the more bonus damage. •Bayonet Charge kills refill the magazine

The First Curse: •The First Curse perk applies additional 1.5x Critical hit damage •The First Curse perk can stack 10 times

Ace Of Spades: •Increased radius and damage of Firefly significantly •Maverick perk no longer takes rounds from your reserves •Rounds gained from Maverick deal bonus damage and will regenerate a portion of health on hit

The Last Word: •Dual Wield (no ADS) •Gain Outlaw •Gain Feeding Frenzy •Gain Spray and Play •Gain Reactive Reload

Hawkmoon: •An additional 17 Lucky Bullets are added to the magazine •Lucky Bullets can stack up to 20 times •Using all Lucky Bullets before magazine is empty will cause all Lucky Bullets to return to the magazine

Thorn: •Gain Explosive Rounds •Explosive Rounds grow larger per kill (stacks 5x each stack lasts 20secs and Cooldown resets per kill) •Mark Of Devourer perk lasts for triple time •Mark Of Devourer perk causes 5% damage multiplier on target

No Time To Explain: •Consecutive precision shots deal +5% additional damage. •+20 Stability •Gain Persistence •Gain Zen Moment •Gain Counterbalance •Gain Rodeo

Bad Juju: •Increased benefits from the String Of Curses perk significantly •Getting kills with your super or while it is active will help charge your next super (stackable with Obsidian Mind)

Red Death: •Red Death perk instantly heals all health •Gain Crowd Control •Red Death perk increases recovery by +6 for nearby allies for 30 seconds after kill

Outbreak Prime: •Increase SIVA Nanite damage and spawn counts •Grenades thrown with this weapon equiped will cause SIVA Nanites to spawn upon damage to an enemy

Boolean Gemini: •One Way and Or Another perks are both active at the same time •One Way and Or Another perks can stack to 10x •Stacks only go away if the one of the final three rounds in the magazine are not kills or if reloading with rounds remaining •Reloading with rounds remaining cause all shots from the next magazine to deal (amount of rounds remaining before reload)x bonus Precision damage

Touch Of Malice: •Touch Of Mercy perk activates upon a single kill •The longer the weapon is fired, the faster it is fired •Weapon deals 3x precision damage •Touch Of Malice perk only takes away health on every precision hit

The Jade Rabbit: •The Fate Of All Fools perk requires less non-precision shots to activate and deals significantly more bonus precision damage once active •Each bullet reloaded into the gun from activation of Fate Of All Fools perk will deal bonus damage and causes the target to explode upon death.

Tlaloc: •Overflow decreases the cooldown of Grenades and Melee abilities for self and nearby allies when active as an additional benefit

MIDA Multi-Tool •Gain +4 Agility •Allies in proximity gain +2 Agility (stackable) •Gain Battle Runner •Gain Kneepads •Gain Full Auto •Disable Sprint-Lock •Deal 2x damage whilst Sliding

Vex Mythoclast: •Gain Explosive Rounds •Kills cause target to explode •Will reload automatically after using Melee (with a successful hit), Grenade or Super ability •Reloading with an empty magazine or by using an ability causes nearby targets to take a significant amount of damage, targets killed by this will explode •Gain Army of One •Gain Two for One •Enemies killed by explosions will explode

Pocket Infinity: •Reloading with ammo remaining will cause your weapon to deal +50% more damage in the next magazine depending on how much magazine ammo is remaining upon reload (Max stack +150%) •Reloading with an empty magazine causes your next kill to guarantee a Special Ammo drop •Gain Feeding Frenzy •Gain Spray and Play •Gain Reactive Reload •Gain Vacuum •Gain Hipfire •Gain iCarus •Deal additional damage whilst Airborne

Telesto: •Harbinger's Spark perk spawns 1 additional orb for allies •Projectiles travel faster and explode faster •Projectile explosion size increased •Explosions chain damage causing more explosions and more activations of Harbinger's Spark perk

Plan C: •Plan C perk causes the gun to instantly fire •Time between needing to swap to activate Plan C perk removed •Double bolts are shot by gun when Plan C perk is active •Bolts shot by active Plan C perk have minor tracking and travel faster •Multi-kills activate Plan C perk

Queenbreaker's Bow: •Projectile speed increased •No charge rate whilst Hipfiring (fires as fast as High Impact Scout Rifle) •No accuracy lossage whilst Hipfiring •Consecutive Precision Shots deal additional damage •Optional charge rate whilst ADS (max 5 seconds) •Constantly firing whilst ADS will deal -50% damage •Gain 2x damage, per second charged

The Chaperone: •Significantly increase precision damage •Increased benefits and duration for The Roadborn •Increased amount of time between kills for The Survivor to activate •The Survivor refunds 4 bullets into the chamber (can push over magazine limit) instead of 2

Invective: •Gain Luck In The Chamber •Increase ammo regeneration rate significantly (40 seconds to 20 seconds) •Gain Performance Bonus •Gain Rescue Mag

Universal Remote: •Ignores Elemental Shields •Increase benefits gained from Crowd Control significantly

The Forth Horseman: •Landed rounds will be refunded from reserve ammo •Increase reserve ammo significantly •Gain Surplus

Lord Of Wolves: •Devil's Touch perk additionally starts health regeneration for self and nearby allies after a kill •This Shotgun can deal precision damage •Gain Headseeker •Applies DoT to enemies •Enemies with DoT applied from LoW take +100% damage from all Solar sources

Zen Meteor: •Gain Firefly •Explosive Rounds from Dynamite perk have a larger AoE •With A Laser Beam perk creates a larger, more damaging explosion. •Gain Mulligan

Hereafter: •Blinding Light perk activates on all kills •Blinding Light perk additionally suppresses enemies •Blinding Light perk activates immediately after kill •Gain Guerrilla Fighter •The Hereafter perk will activate Guerrilla Fighter after 5secs of ADSing while crouching.

Black Spindle: •Increased chance of Mulligan activation •Mulligan can activate upon non-precision hits •White Nail activations add 2 rounds to your reserves

No Land Beyond: •Ignores Elemental Shields •Increased reserve ammo by 15 •Increased benefits from The Master perk by 150%

Dreg's Promise: •Suppress enemies from using abilities in proximity to Dreg's Promise target after a kill •Graverobber activates on all Melee hits (can only be used three times within a minute) •Increased speed and tracking of bullets

Trespasser: •Unrepentant perk shoots whole magazine (instead of 6) at the cost of no bullets

Sleeper Simulant: •Gain Mulligan •Deals Precision damage on non-precision shots •Gain Triple Tap

Thunderlord/Nova Mortis/Abbadon •All victims explode into grenades that track and damage additional enemies •Kills from Grenades produced by Thunderlord/Nova Mortis/Abbadon will refill 33% of the magazine per kill

Super Good Advice: •Increase ammo reserves by 100% •Gain Zen Moment •Increase benefits gained from Crowd Control •Gain Triple Tap and Double Triple

Nemesis Star: •Benefits from Extinction Cycle and Strange Gravity are increased significantly •The longer the weapon is fired, the more damage it deals •Precision kills refund 15% of the magazine

Truth: •Increased velocity by +20 •Tracking turn radius decreased •Tracking activates upon hipfire •Gain Spray and Play

Dragon's Breath: •Increased radius and duration of the Napalm perk •Napalm perk kills make the target explode into an Incendiary Grenade that will bounce towards enemies outside of the Napalm radius •Kills with Incendiary Grenades produced by Napalm kills will increase the damage of all Solar abilities and weapons for you and allies in a close proximity for 60 seconds by 10% •Gain Spray and Play

Gjallarhorn: •Kills spawn orbs •Wolfpack Rounds are faster, deal more damage and spawn weaker Wolfpack Rounds upon exploding •If magazine is empty before all Wolfpack Rounds (including Mini's) have spawned, the remaining Wolfpack Rounds will deal +50% damage

Bolt Caster: •Gain Surplus •Increase speed and duration of Sword Of Thunder perk •Sword Of Thunder perk uses 2 ammo •Arc Forged Guard perk depletes ammo slower

Dark Drinker: •Gain Surplus •Increase AoE of Supermassive Vortex perk •Supermassive Vortex perk uses 2 ammo •Void Forged Guard perk depletes ammo slower

Raze Lighter: •Gain Surplus •Increase damage of Phoenix Uppercut perk •Phoenix Uppercut perk uses 2 ammo •Solar Forged Guard perk depletes ammo slower

The Young Wolf's Howl: •Howling Flames perk uses 2 ammo •Gain Surplus •Solar Forged Guard perk depletes ammo slower •Howling Flames perk weakens enemies double than the original amount and damage over time lasts twice as long


Skull Of Dire Ahamkara: •Increased benefits gained by the Delusions Of Grandeur perk significantly •Energy Drain effects melee ability and Super charge

Apotheosis Veil: •Activating Super will reload all weapons by 50% and recharge melee and grenade abilities for self and allies in close proximity

Light Beyond Nemesis/Crest Of Alpha Lupi: •Increased quantity of orbs generated •Orb size increased •Precision kills have a chance of generating orbs

Obsidian Mind: •Increased Nova Bomb damage and size •Increased benefits for the Insatiable perk

The Ram: •Strength Of The Ram perk additionally increases armour by and additional +3 and triggers health regeneration on all Warlock Melees. •Added perk, Taunt. •Taunt causes melee's that don't hit enemies to cause all low tier-enemy fire to be aimed at you whilst you gain 50% damage resistance and enemies attacking you take 25% more damage. Lasts 20 seconds with 60 second cooldown.

Astrocyte Verse: •Blinking reloads your currently equipped weapon from reserves •Gain +5 Agility •Blink Cooldown significantly reduced •Blink further and higher •Blinking doesn't remove HUD

Sunbreakers: •Increase radius of Solar Grenades •All Solar Grenades move slowly towards enemies with higher health, duration depletes 50% slower whilst Solar Grenades are moving

Claws Of Ahamkara: •Decrease melee ability charge time •All melee kills cause the target to explode and chain damage of the correspondent elemental damage of the melee to other enemies. •Multikills with Melee's or the ability stated above grant +3 Armour, Recovery and Agility for 30 seconds

Nothing Manacles: •Grants Bloom perk for VoidWalker •Increase speed and tracking for Scatter Grenades •Bloom explosions are larger

The Impossible Machines: •Increased Landfall damage, activation speed and radius •All Stormcaller abilities will chain lightning

Ophidian Aspect: •Handling and reload speeds increased even more •Gain Hot Swap for all weapons •Switching weapons after a kill causes the weapon you gained a kill with to generate half a magazines worth of reserve ammo

Heart Of The Praxic Fire: •Throw two grenades at once at the cost of one charge •Gain Sunburst ability •Sunburst activates on all Solar ability kills

Voidfang Vestments: •Carry two Axion Bolt charges •Axion Bolt kills spawn additional Axion Bolts in which spawn their own Axion Bolts upon a kill and so on. •Gain Vortex Mastery perk for Voidwalker

Starfire Protocol: •Fusion Grenades deal +50% damage •Kills with Fusion Grenades will recharge your next Fusion Grenade charge fully •Fusion Grenade kills while Radiance is active increase duration by 2 secs

Purifier Robes: •Grenade, Merle or Precision kills cause enemies around target to be suppressed from using abilities and deal 25% less damage

Alchemist's Raiment: •Picking up ammo will recharge a portion of Grenades and Melee Abilities and a very small portion of Super energy. •Gain Perpetual Charge perk from Stormcaller but applies to all Subclasses

Transversive Steps: •Decrease turn radius while sprinting •Gain Cocoon on all weapons •Gain +10% damage whilst Crouch-walking

Knucklehead Radar: •Third eye remains active on all weapons •Gain more detailed Radar •All Primary weapons gain a small amount of tracking.

Achlyophage Symbiote: •Golden Gun can deal precision damage •Golden Gun ignores Elemental Shields •Gain Gunfighter perk for Gunslinger •Golden Gun kills restore health

Mask Of The Third Man: •Arc Blade uses even less super energy •Gain Encore for Bladedancer •Ignore Elemental Shields while in Arc Blade

Graviton Forfeit: •Can Shadestep twice before cooldown time begins •Shadestep spawns Smoke

ATS/8 ARACHNID: •Gain Rangefinder for all weapons •All weapons deal additional 5% precision damage whilst ADS •Golden Gun ADS deals more damage

Celestial Nighthawk: •Increase Golden Gun duration by 10 seconds •Big Game perk increased from 6x to 12x Golden Gun damage •Golden Gun gains tracking after locking-onto target

Young Ahamkara's Spine: •Tripmine Grenades cause target to slow down after taking damage •Tripmines start shooting bullets in the direction of enemies when stuck on a surface for longer than 2 seconds

Don't Touch Me: •Taking melee damage causes Grenade and Melee abilities to recharge, and causes the target to begin taking DoT •Gain Escape Artist perk for Bladedancer for all melee attacks (including Bladedancer) •Melee attacks whilst invisible will not take you out of invisibility (includes Bladedancer)

Khepri's Sting: •Invisibility after crouching to activates faster •12x melee damage from behind while invisible instead of 4x •Increase duration of all DoT effects for self and allies by 50%

Sealed Ahamkara Grasps: •Melee abilities recharge faster •Projectile Melee abilities travel further and faster •Throwing Knife deals additional Precision Damage •Gain Knife Juggler perk for Gunslinger •Gain Backstab for Bladedancer

Shinobu's Vow: •Skip Grenade kills will instantly recharge your Grenade energy •Skip Grenades are faster and deal additional damage when all targeting the same enemy

Lucky Raspberry: •Gain additional Arc Bolt Grenade •Arc Bolt Grenades chain much further •Arc Bolt Grenade hits cause damage to chain to 2 extra enemies

ATS/8 Tarantella: •The Tarantella perk decreases charge time of Arc Abilities even further •Arc Blade deals a small amount of AoE damage with every successful hit on a target with surrounding enemies •Consecutive Arc Blade hits on a target deal 10% additional

Radiant Dance Machines: •Increase handling of all weapons •Gain +6 Agility

Bones Of Eao: •Gain icarus perk for all weapons •Gain a second additional jump

Fr0st-EE5: •Automatically reload your equipped weapon from reserves after running for 5 seconds •Can shoot whilst running

Helm of Saint-14: •Yourself and nearby allies deal +50% more damage against Blinded or Suppressed enemies •Gain Blessing of Light for Defender

An Insurmountable Skullfort: •Melee hits activate a temporary over-shield •Taking over-shield damage causes health to instantly regenerate and increase Agility by +4 for 15 seconds

Helm of Inmost Light: •Death From Above deals more damage and has a larger AoE •Increased benefits from Headstrong •Fist of Havoc kills reduce the Cooldown of your next Fist of Havoc

The Glasshouse: •Increase benefits of Bathed in Light •Gain Illuminated •Gain Gift of The Void

Eternal Warrior: •Gain +4 Armour •Decrease damage taken while using Hammer of Sol •Ward of Dawn lasts longer •Take 5% less damage from sources matching your Subclass

Empyrean Bellicose: •Antigrav Thrusters perk lasts infinitely until you stop ADS •Killing enemies while airborne will reload your equipped weapon from reserves and activate Clown Cartridge

The Taikonaut: •Increase Velocity and Blast Radius of all Rocket Launchers by +20 •All Rocket Launchers gain Cluster Bombs •Hold an additional 2 Rockets in reserve ammo

No Backup Plans: •Force Barrier has extended duration and more health •All Shotguns gain Battle Runner •All Shotguns deal an additional 15% damage whilst an over-shield is active

Ruin Wings: •Increase benefits of Seed of Ruin perk •All Heavy Weapons gain Surplus •All Heavy Weapons gain Vacuum

ACD/0 Feedback Fence: •Increase damage and range from Brawler's Charge perk and will activate a DoT •Taking Melee damage will fully charge your Melee charges and cause you to deal 10x additional melee damage for 30 seconds •All Melee hits deal AoE

Immolation Fists: •Explosive Pyre deals more damage, chains further and activates upon all Solar Ability hits •Hammer Of Sol lasts an additional 10 seconds

Thagomizers: •Amplify deals more damage and has more range •Fist of Havoc kills recharge Grenade and Melee abilities (will stack if Grenade and Melee abilities already charged)

The Armamentarium: •Grenade kills recharge your grenade ability instantly •Gain Aftershocks perk •Grenade damage ignores Elemental-shields

Twilight Garrison: •Can Evade twice before cooldown time begins •Evade spawns Pulse Grenade •Take reduced damage whilst airborne

Mk. 44 Stand Asides: •Increase benefits from Be Somewhere Else perk •Shoulder Charge activates as soon as you start running •Shoulder Charge kills chain damage to surrounding enemies •Gain Shoulder Charge perk for Striker

Peregrine Grieves: •Peregrine Strike perk deals 10x damage •Gain Shoulder Charge perk for Striker

Dunemarchers: •Gain +4 Agility •Running in a circle spawns a Pulse Grenade •Juggernaut perk has increased shield hitpoints •Juggernaut shield regenerates hitpoints to max after not being damaged for 3 seconds

Thanks for reading this long post. You may or may not have wasted your time. Comment your thoughts below.

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