Ok, I think I’m legit addicted to this game….I need help!

It's all I think about these last few days, I've been playing like 6 hours a day…

Up to main mission number 9 only….

I love the lore, the characters, the art direction, the graphics, the writing, the attention to detail… perfectly crafted world. Man I don't get it? I hated open world games before this game… I hate GTA 5, Arkham Knight…etc those games are just not fun to play for me. This one? Is a legit blast! Like I enjoy fighting the machines so damn much! There's no open world combat as fun as this for me out there… NONE.

Adds so much to the gameplay to being able to override them! I'm legit shook at times at the way I managed to beat certain machines as the world has no rules! I can escape from a Thunderjaw by leaving the area, re tooling and re approaching with a new strategy! Or simply override Sawtooth to Distract him or even take a big chunk of his life… The other day the Sabertooth I overrided managed to kill Thunderjaw by HIMSELF! Every encounter is so different. I would be fighting a beast and struggling and some villagers just come to help me out nowhere! Is crazy.

Cauldrons feel like a destiny like raid! Long, challenging and satisfying!

I keep toying with different weapon modifications and trying to choose what my four weapons will be… just to see what would fit my play-style! Even grinding to get a Watchers Heart or Grazzer Heart to get that shiny purple part is a heck of a lot of fun.

Keep thinking about the possibilities of the franchise and how it can improve and evolve…

Imagine new map, new beast, older Aloy, more weapons, new characters and a different part of the world.

Horizon in 30 hours might have surpassed my previous favorite franchise ever (Uncharted.) I'm speechless.

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