Oh the salt of the internet!

What a bunch of sad angry people that generally make up reddit. I came here to share my sentiment for this game and found a ln overflow of self serving immature people who seem to get off on ridiculing others and diminishing any positivity there is around here.

I am enjoying this game for my personal reasons. I enjoy the game and would like to express that my opinion (just as yours) is our opinion to own and doesn’t need to be that of other people. You do not need to be absolutely ruthless and rude in the pursuit of letting ubisoft and this reddit know how much you dislike the game and how much it has lost its roots and whatever else you want to claim. I am not a fanboy.

I haven’t played any ghost recon besides future soldier. I probably buy one or two games a year and don’t care to stress about the cost of them. As a consumer I am given the choice to purchase an item, and make an educated choice myself to do so or to not.

Why must others go out of thier way to hurt the ideas of other people and crusade on the forums online to push thier hate and dislike for this game in its current state. I am pretty turned off from being apart of a community if it’s just a bunch of shit head people with negative attitude unable to constructively discuss the game and it’s issues and it’s strengths.. I for one pre ordered after playing both demo beta whatever the fuck you plebs wanna call it. I paid for the gold edition and I’m not stupid or delusional. In fact I’m making a clear decision to invest in this game.

Despite many of you people’s sentiments for this title currently. Just take a read through what you have said and say it out loud and see how immature and stupid you sound. The Internet is a fucked up realm where the mask of invisibility we all wear pushes some of us to act compelety out of line.

This game is fun with friends. It’s not perfect but nothing is. I am 26 and chose to spend my money how I would like to. Voting with my dollar. Wise up and formulate your sentences with more clarity and let’s make this a positive place.

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