Offline-Only Player “Thrall Champion”

—–Offline-Only Player "Thrall Champion"

The minor issue with Conan Exiles is the lack of reliable defensive measures when you're off-line. The game is about PvP and Raiding (and soon PvE Horde attacks) I'm in love with that, but without someone at your base, It's half the game gone at least in my opinion. I know we have multiple Thrall's to tame and use, but the game would do well if we had one particular Thrall that came online, when the Player logged off.

They would be Thrall-Champions, chosen from any Thrall captured by the Player. Each Player can only have one Champion, which can only be assigned to singular, isolated bases at a time. Meaning Clan's can't make one gigantic base that isn't connected to another one overpowered, with several Champion's roaming about its walls. This would probably require Player's to be considered semi-separate within the Clan system then, or make that the trade-off of not being independent, and only Clan's can have one Thrall-Champion for itself.

The difference between regular Thrall's and Champion's, is that Champion's can be leveled to (55), their attributes can be assigned, their weapons and armor can be assigned, and they require a large beautiful Silk Bed that is essentially where they're stationed, like Bench-Thralls. You'll see your Champion either sleeping in bed when you're online, or at the training grounds. They're designed to follow long, complicated commands to defend your base from other Player's when raided so you give yourself a fighting chance when you're gone at work.

Additionally, Champion's can provide bonuses to your regular Thrall's when you're offline as well, providing synergy between your soldiers, even assigning commands to them to order your Thrall's around such as giving chase to retreating Player's when the odds are sufficient.

Finally I understand this suggestion is complicated and intricate, but its meant to help protect highly-established Player's, yet give Raider's an incentive to group-up against well-fortified dwellings and what is literally Player-designated PvE mini-bosses. The Thrall-Champion's in return would require necessities and luxuries that have to be replenished either daily or every few days for them to retain their level, They will never die from negligence, but depending on what you have available for them, they will simply degenerate to set-prerequisite levels already gained. In order to level them to 55, you'll need to pull everything together for that to happen. The typical Champion will take 1-3 weeks to train up completely, and hours to regain their original highest level, provided the materials are there for that to occur. If the Champion ever dies in combat, you'll have 24 hours to "Rescue" them by dragging them back to bed. Provided you can find them.

—–Necessities—–: For advancing and retaining levels when lost: (1-35).

Food stored in (Passive Coolers). Need re-building every day.

Water Buckets. Refilling Required daily.

Hide Clothing. Every few days.

Replacing Hide Linens. Every few days.

Repairing Equipment. For "practicing", and fighting PvE/PvP.

Camp Fire. Re-made daily.

—–Luxuries—–: For advancing and retaining levels when lost: (36-55).

Food stored within (Ice Boxes) Needs Ice every few days. (Lvl's 50-55).

Water Well. No Refilling. (40-55).

Training Structures (Archery Targets, Dummies, Chained Monsters) (Lvl's 36-55).

Silk Clothing. Every day. (30-55).

Replacing Silk Linens. Every two days. (30-55).

Clay Cooking Brazier. Refueling every few days. (30-55).

Papyrus. (For providing boni for Thrall's, requires Ink.) (Lvl's 45-55).

Ink. (For providing boni to Thrall's, requires Papyrus.) (Lvl's 45-55).

Champion Desk & Chair. For refilling Papyrus and Ink. (50-55).

All these structures need to be placed within 3 Square-Foundation distance of their assigned "Bed Bench" for the Champion to have them registered to his bed, on the same floor.

I think this is an amazing idea to give PvE Player's something to do for upcoming features and for PvP Player's another reliable countermeasure instead of just hoping their base isn't destroyed next time they log in, because their Champion gave them a fighting chance when the Raider(s) breached and possibly stopped it some of it.

EDIT: Additions, fixing grammar, etc.

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