Official/Community Server Issues

There are three large issues with servers at the moment.

First off, you can sit in the spawnpoint for however long you want and never be kicked. This means you can AFK anywhere for any period of time and constantly be a slot on the server. For officials, this is 1/40. On average I'd say there's 10 people afking at once on an official. There needs to a 20-minute AFK timeout.

Second off, officials NEED a restart script. I've been monitoring the ping on officials for the past 3 days now that they've been up. Day 1, it had 60-100 ping. Day 2, it had 200-300 ping. Today, it has 500-600 ping. Tomorrow and the day after, if that trend continues, it will likely become unplayable. There is a reason community servers have restarts consistently.

Third and finally, loot crates and camps can be permanently disabled on Officials. You can walk to any camp and continually hit the loot boxes until they break, meaning they won't respawn until the server restarts. This alone should give my point away. Since the boxes don't respawn, and since officials don't restart, that means that box is NEVER coming back, ever. On Official #80 the steel armor box in the NPC city in the northeast corner is gone. It will never come back until a restart.

Finally, a quick addition. NPCs, animals, dragons, and undead can be killed without you even touching them. It is simply walking in a certain direction at them and you watch them drop. You don't get XP, but you can loot the NPCs and you can chop the animals, dragons included. When you can kill a dragon without hitting it, that means infinite demon blood. This bug in specific needs patching and I am not going to say how to do it. You will notice though sometimes that the city in the northeast seems "empty" and you'll find dead bodies lying around that you didn't kill. That's the glitch.

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