Official Servers: Are Players Reportable? [Rant/Discussion]

If all you have to say is "Don't play on Official Servers" then please, don't comment on this thread. I'd like to have a productive conversation about the state of Official Servers and a means of cleaning up the community, even if a little bit.

There are some twisted people who play games like this who make it their duty to ruin Official Servers. Our server has one in particular who is incredibly hell bent on ruining every iron/thrall spawn on the map and is trying to pay for people's in-game services with real money. (Specifically to have other player's bases wiped since he can't do it himself.)

If I'm not mistaken, it's against Steam's TOS to solicit in this manner. And I'm certain that larger companies (like Funcom) have a large enough team that they can have a few admin handle requests such as this. ESPECIALLY when provided with EXCRUTIATING detail. Screenshots, videos, recorded confessions, etc.

I was told by a Funcom that IN ORDER TO SOLVE MY PROBLEM, I should:

"Turn off chat, or find a new server with players that are more suited to you."

I don't find that to be a solution. That isn't even a band-aid. It fixes nothing. Let's say I choose a new server. Start fresh. I'm a streamer, so it's not like I can go somewhere and they never find out my new location, what will stop them from following me if they find themselves to be vindictive enough to do so? Battlemetrics provides DETAILED information on who is on a server, it would be child's play to search the Official Servers and find where your target is hiding to come to that server and ruin it as well.

TL;DR – Can we report players? How can we do so? What is being done about this?

Thank you, those of you who read this. And please, offer serious discussion and avoid the statement, "Go play on a private server" or anything remotely similar.


1. He crafts fence foundations and wedges them into every cliff face and rock that is out of reach, killing all spawns on over half of the map.

2. He crafts a bed and places it as close to your base as he can, then runs the following commands as a macro: He opens the console, hits the "tilde" key, types suicide, hits enter. This kills his character and instantly respawns himself at the bed. THEN, the simply hits "tilde", up arrow, enter… Rapidly repeating, until there are a couple hundred bodies stacked outside of our base within 60 seconds, dropping our framerates to 1 and in some cases, crashing our games.

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