Official Server 81 Hackers – We need help from Devs

Our server is litterally infested with what appears to be Asian hackers who are glitching into bases (4 so far today) on our server including our T2 Structure that they were able to glitch INSIDE of and glitch all the loot from destroying everything out to about 10 others that were assisting.. our enitre base was shut off and no one could get in but they glitched inside and destroyed everything and i will put A LINK TO THE VIDEO below,, please help us out here Funcom this literally RUINS the game.. we wont be playing until it is fixed and im sure the others who were raided today will probably feel the same way. there is literally no point in upgrading structures this video CLEARLY SHOWS THEM CHEATING please watch and again Devs please do something.. region locking is not enough they are just using VPNs. we have names and screenshots

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