Official /r/Smite Tier List – v4.6 (Racer Rumble)

Three days ago, I asked the users of /r/Smite to vote on the balance of the gods to help me create a community-created tier list. The gods were ranked on a scale of 1-7, and I took the average ratings and arranged the gods in tiers separated by .66 of a rating.

You can see the tier list as seen here, as well as arranged by Class and Pantheon here.

These are the results:

Tier Gods (Average rating out of 7)
S+ Cernunnos(5.83)
S Hercules(5.39) Cabrakan(5.18) Susano(5.08) Thoth(5.03)
A+ Chang'e(4.88) Hun Batz(4.86) Medusa(4.77) Sylvanus(4.68) Zeus(4.68) Poseidon(4.67) Rama(4.67) Thanatos(4.64) Janus(4.61) Bellona(4.57) Awilix(4.55) Khepri(4.48) Anhur(4.45) Skadi(4.45) Fafnir(4.43) Serqet(4.43) Thor(4.43) Bacchus(4.40) Ra(4.39) Scylla(4.39) Apollo(4.37) Ratatoskr(4.33)
A Amaterasu(4.32) Athena(4.27) Terra(4.20) Hou Yi(4.15) Izanami(4.15) Sobek(4.13) Osiris(4.12) Freya(4.10) Ymir(4.09) Ravana(4.08) Tyr(4.08) Geb(4.04) The Morrigan(4.03) Zhong Kui(4.02) Chaac(4.01) Ullr(4.01) Kumbhakarna(4.00) Vulcan(4.00) Hades(3.99) Cupid(3.96) Nemesis(3.92) Nike(3.90) Odin(3.89) Vamana(3.89) Xing Tian(3.87) Mercury(3.86) Ao Kuang(3.82) Fenrir(3.82) Agni(3.81) Kali(3.81) Neith(3.81) Isis(3.72) Ne Zha(3.70) Nox(3.69) Erlang Shen(3.68)
B+ Guan Yu(3.61) He Bo(3.61) Camazotz(3.60) Kukulkan(3.59) Sun Wukong(3.53) Ares(3.48) Bastet(3.46) Aphrodite(3.45) Nu Wa(3.45) Ah Muzen Cab(3.41) Kuzenbo(3.35) Anubis(3.33) Artemis(3.30) Arachne(3.28) Loki(3.26) Chiron(3.25) Sol(3.23) Xbalanque(3.14) Ah Puch(3.02) Hel(3.02) Chronos(3.01)
B Bakasura(2.73) Jing Wei(2.70) Raijin(2.56)

Disclaimer: None of these numbers are based on performance or statistics in-game, nor are they necessarily the opinion of any of the moderators of /r/Smite. These are averaged from responses from users of /r/Smite, based on their own personal opinions.

Some votes were rejected because it was my opinion that the votes were not legitimate.

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