Official For Honor Blackout Community Event: April 3rd

I made a post earlier but realized this may be a better title as it will attract people. For those of you who did not read my previous thread ( I came up with an idea to completely to basically stop playing the game starting on April 3rd. As a community we will stop playing the game until we get answers that we need. This is to get Ubisofts attention. I know many of you believe that they no longer care but I believe they somewhat do considering how Siege is still strong. Please join me in this and help me spread the word. Get this to the top, sticky it, I don't care but I believe this may be the only solution. Sorry for such a shitty way of explaining this. I have had 4 University lectures so far and am exhausted. For a better explanation please go to this thread

This post is not meant to turn the community against eachother nor is it meant to sound like a threat. This is joint effort where together we can show Ubisoft that we truly do care for the future of this game. Not playing the game is not meant to be seen as an act of hate or anger but is meant to show Ubisoft that the community is afraid for the future. We all want Ubisoft to succeed but by playing the game that we currently have we are showing them that no matter how bad the state of the game is, people will still play. I am not trying to speak for everyone in the community, I am not saying these demands are what everyone wants. Some of these are unrealistic and I know that but we need more than what we are receiving. This is not meant for those who do not care for the game anymore, this is for the communities benefit in the long run and also Ubisofts.

Edit: I was told to have more specific requests.

Personally I want an eta on all upcoming changes. Not "we're working on it".

We also deserve a sincere apology to the community for their mistakes and behavior (prefarbly through a video).

We need to know their goals and future plans for the game, we need a reason to stay, something to look forward to. Ideas for their fixes for the known problems, especially connection and matchmaking, you're unique peer to peer does not work, please acknowledge this.

Some one mentioned better or more community managers.

Those are the requests I can think of off the top of my head, please list more down below.

EDIT 2: Would also like to mention that I have contacted several Youtubers, twitter accounts associated with For Honor, and am currently working on contacting writers of articles and blogs. I understand that Reddit is a very small portion of the population. This can't be done by just me but we all have connections and friends, the 1% who look at reddit eventually connect to the 100% that play the game. This is a community effort, not a Reddit effort.

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