Offer more “freedom of choice” elements. Example: “Breaching”

I posted the following in the official forums. I thought it would serve for discussion.

First off, I preordered GRW and can't wait to help liberate the Bolivian people from the cartel and restore peace to the beautiful country. Aside from the main theme and narrative, I am just as eager for the gameplay elements. The recon-ing, planning, stealth-ing, infiltrating, gun battling, etc. -I just can't wait! Ubisoft has touted the game for having the "freedom of choice" as a major game mechanic and I can't wait to use the various tools we have at our disposal in effort to scratch that tactical itch I have. I am confident Ubisoft will deliver; however, I want them to do more -I want them to blow me away! Give us more tactical game play elements. Expand the already limited door-opening mechanic the game offers. Expand the breaching options command, for example. Give the player the freedom to chose how to breach a building/room. I recall the Rainbow Six: Vegas series had some great options. If GRW can add something similar like:

1) Silently. Opens door silently (either by picking lock or shooting at lock with silenced weapon -as already present in player animations). 2) Loud. Opens door with force (either by kicking door down -as already present in player animations-, or firing shotgun rounds to hinges/lock) 3) Explosive. Places explosives on door and… well, you know what comes next.

Breaching variety would greatly enhance player immersion and contribute directly to the "freedom of choice" mantra. It certainly would be a welcomed addition.

What say you community?


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