Oceanic Pro League – A summary of the current situation

I’m RichardCastle the captain and support for LG Dire Wolves. I feel like I can speak for the majority of SMITE OCE when it comes to these issues. I believe that the information I have provided below is mostly accurate, there could of course be a couple of mistakes.

There have been considerable issues with broadcasting the Oceanic Pro League for Split 1. This is a breakdown of all the games to date, with a red for a failed broadcast, and green for a successful one.

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  • 17/40 games have been successfully broadcasted o 42.5%
  • 4/12 LG Dire Wolves games have been successfully broadcasted

Failed broadcasts have occurred for a few reasons; 1. Hot Fixes; this is why Saturday week 1, Saturday week 2, all of week 3 didn’t work 2. Private Server provided by hirez creating replay playback issues? Week 4 and week 5

Note: After hot fixes became an issue for deleting replays, Hirez had attempted to provide us with private servers so that replays could be saved regardless of hot fixes, this did not work.

The Admins for the Oceanic Pro-league, in particular HughZ, Knightfall, and Cyanide have done a great job at always spectating every single pro-league game, so full replays should be available. This has never been an issue. They have also done a fantastic job at trying to solve the issues when they arise. In a particular week Knightfall spent almost his entire weekend (on multiple occasions) trying to find a solution for the games to be broadcasted, unfortunately his time was wasted. As frustrating as it is for us players, and our organisations it must also be incredibly frustrating for them so I think it is important to give them credit since they thoroughly deserve it.

Where to from here?

I am honestly not sure, every single week we are promised by Hirez officials that this problem will be fixed… and every single week we are disappointed. This is a huge issue. Every week I speak to my gaming org after we play and let them know our result, how we played etc… we discuss the broadcast time and get graphics and social media posts ready to promote the series. Then it comes to game time, and something seems to always go wrong and we’re all just incredibly annoyed and frustrated.

As teams, we are providing value to our organisations through our content, the vast majority of which is through our pro-league games and our results, if these aren’t broadcasted then what value are we creating? Why should any big Oceanic Gaming Organisation seriously consider picking up any SMITE team knowing that these issues exist and have been a continuous issue for as long as I remember ( albeit never quite to this extent).

There are also a considerable number of other issues affecting the OPL at the moment;

  1. 10k prize pool

a. split between 30 players ($333 on average) which is barely worth anyone’s time once you factor in scrims, pro-league games, ranked, casuals etc

b. especially considering that there are 30 pro league games with between 600-2900 viewers (viewership is actually decent for games that are broadcasted)

  1. No domestic LAN event
  2. Hot fixes during Peak hours 7-9pm on Friday Nights
  3. Patches during Peak hours 6-9pm on Tuesday/Wednesday Nights

Also, just small things like why has the Oceanic Ladder on the Official Smitegame esports webpage been updated at all this season?


This post is just the result of week after week after week after week of frustrations, hopefully this post will make more people aware of the situation and hence make hirez actually address these issues.

edit: I just realised it took me longer to write this post then the total broadcast time of my games this split, amazing stuff.

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